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Opening 16 Sep 2014 at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave [Auckland]
… him
In a dusty corner of the Auckland CBD, you will enter the basement dwelling of Him, a recluse who lives obsessively through his only connection with the outside world - the daily newspaper he is delivered via a slot in his door. [more]

Opening 16 Sep 2014 at The Auckland Performing Arts Centre: TAPAC [Auckland]
Short + Sweet Dance '14
A selection of short dance works in any style or genre - each no longer than 10 minutes - compete for awards. [more]

Opening 18 Sep 2014 at BATS Theatre (Out Of Site), Cnr Cuba & Dixon [Wellington]
For a very special hour, the theatre becomes a Bondage and Discipline dungeon, and the audience a block of prospective clients as 'Mistress Dominique' shares the dirty secrets of her profession. Hilarious, sexy and surprisingly tender, Lashings of Whipped Cream is a theatrical close encounter. [more]

Opening 19 Sep 2014 at TAPAC - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre [Auckland]
Short + Sweet Dance 2014 - Programme 2
The second half of dance works 10 mins or less in any genre entered into Short + Sweet Dance 2014 [more]

Opening 21 Sep 2014 at TAPAC - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre [Auckland]
Short + Sweet Dance - Final/Gala Showcase
The Fianl [presents 12 works from the original 27, and makes awards to winners from amogst those 12, shown again in a Gala Showcase. [more]

Opening 24 Sep 2014 at Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St [Auckland]
“Nobody conquers a mountain like Everest. You climb it and be thankful you come back alive” EVEREST UNTOLD is a unique and heartfelt personal look at the forgotten men behind one of the greatest events in New Zealand history. [more]

Opening 24 Sep 2014 at Circa Two [Wellington]
‘Snow’ is a remarkable piece of writing. The two actors remain on stage for the duration of the unfolding tale. Described previously as a whodunit because of it’s thriller nature, the story is more about what has occurred than who has perpetrated the deed. It is obvious very early on that Liam has committed an act that is either immoral or criminal and Arthur’s job is to extract the truth. [more]

Opening 25 Sep 2014 at Gaslight Theatre [Cambridge]
This award-winning play offers an intense look at John Merrick (Richard Homan), a physically deformed Londoner of the late 1880s. It is now believed he suffered from Proteus Syndrome. Intense and sensitive, Merrick strives to be normal, even as he is viewed as a carnival freak and later a scientific celebrity by London's socialites. [more]

Opening 25 Sep 2014 at TAPAC - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre [Auckland]
MOANA '14, a Pacific Dance Showcase
Pacific choreographers present stories of identity, passion, heritage, modernity and urban flux within a one-hour presentation of works reflecting what it is to be Pacific in Aukilani/Auckland today. [more]

Opening 25 Sep 2014 at BATS Theatre (Out Of Site), Cnr Cuba & Dixon [Wellington]
WHORE – Storytelling About Sex Work
'Whore' delves into the lives of six characters – 'Rent boy', 'Refugee', 'Illegal migrant', 'Married woman', 'Underage sex worker' and 'Transgender'; played by Lee Ah Yen Faatoia, Rebecca Parr and Geraldine Creff – who have written about their experience on the charlatan clinic blog. [more]
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