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Concerning the ongoing stability of Theatreview

William O'Neil posted 5 Feb 2013, 12:45 AM

Forgive me if this has already been cleared up, but after a discussion about this on twitter earlier today I haven't been able to find an answer and I was encouraged to raise my question here.

Assuming that the PledgeMe campaign is successful, what are the steps that Theatreview intends to take to ensure its ongoing presence and stability? As far as I understand things, the five thousand dollars being asked for covers the editing and publishing of reviews up to mid-March.

What happens after this point? Are we right back to the immediate threat of Theatreview shuttering its doors, or does it then continue without further immediate fundraising?

John Smythe posted 5 Feb 2013, 08:27 AM / edited 12 Feb 2013, 12:37 PM

Thank you for raising this, William. The Theatreview Trust has applied for Quick Response funding to CNZ, which will be advised by mid-March. This would bridge us through to June, when the outcome of a CNZ Arts Board application for annual funding (due to be lodge by 1 March) will be known.

The Pledge Me campaign is dedicated to ensuring Theatreview is able to cover the Auckland Fringe, NZ Fringe (Wellington), Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Auckland Arts Festival and Dunedin Fringe along with ‘business as usual' productions nationwide – adding up to around 200 reviews by the end of March.

A boost in the uptake of PAD memberships has allowed the task of drawing up review schedules and assigning reviewers to proceed. Currently production pages and images are being prepared and uploaded. An appeal to the Mayor of Wellington's discretionary Grant Fund is poised to secure full coverage of the NZ Fringe. No equivalent resource has been identified in Auckland although all officers contacted (once back from holiday) have been very sympathetic.

The Pledge Me campaign remains essential to complete the short-term picture.

A number of other applications and discussions are in the pipeline to ensure Theatreview's long-term security. As with many other arts organisations, a great deal of focus and energy is now being expended on funding issues as we work to maintain, let alone sustain, our core business. We share the frustrations felt right across the sector.

It is important to add that the more practitioners who join the New Zealand Performing Arts Directory (PAD) the better. Apart from offering you something of personal value in return (hyperlinks to your professional page), it signifies the profession's support for Theatreview, which in turn strengthens our case in funding applications. 

John Smythe posted 12 Feb 2013, 12:41 PM

What - the show is over before the advertised time? Hey but what a final act! And of course any over-run will be as welcome as encores and curtain-calls. We went for the minimum for fear we might not make a higher target...

(See )

Meanwhile massive thanks to all who participated!

John Smythe posted 15 Feb 2013, 09:40 AM

The faith and generosity of our Pledge Me donors overwhelms us. Theatreview lives on! Now we are free to focus on all the performing arts activity in store this month and next, including (but not only) the NZ Fringe in Wellington; the Auckland Fringe, Pride Festival and Auckland Arts Festival; the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival; the Dunedin Fringe; The Capital E National Arts Festival ... Enjoy!