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Goods, Services and SkillsAGENT - WRITERS
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Script assessment
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Background information


The rights and interests of playwrights represented
The Playmarket Agency, headed by Murray Lynch, issues and manages performance licences, advises on and negotiates commission and collaboration agreements, manages royalty payments, maintains an archive of Playwrights’ work and materials related to it and circulates their plays to producers and theatres in NZ and internationally.
Practical support and advice to those in the business of writing plays
At the heart of the Advisory is a focus on supporting playwrights to write. Coordinated by Stuart Hoar, and making use of a raft of resources, industry knowledge, partnerships and networks we work to support all New Zealand playwrights.
NZ plays available to everyone, everywhere
With a comprehensive store of New Zealand plays (published and unpublished) and managed by Nick Doherty, the bookshop is here for all your play reading needs and enquiries. Check out our website or give Nick a call.
Competitions, Clinics, readings etc
Playmarket offers and supports a range of opportunities, competitions and initiatives for writers including (but not exclusively) the following:
Clinics with professional actors and directors
Readings (public and private)
Playmarket Plays for the Young competition
Bruce Mason Playwriting Award
Write Out Loud Dunedin
Adam New Zealand Play Award
Rebecca Mason Executive Coaching
Robert Lord Cottage Residency
Pasifika Playwrights development
Playmarket Playwrights’ Retreat
Matariki Playwrights development
Y&H Playwrights’ Initiative
Publications and communication
Coordinated by Salesi Le'ota, Playmarket uses a range of tools and media to communicate with our clients, producers, supporters and the public.
These include:
Playmarket Playseries
A series of NZ Plays published annually
Playmarket Annual
Documenting and discussing the major developments for New Zealand drama on our stages for New Zealand and international readers.
Published monthly and distributed via email, the eBulletin provides news, opportunities, interesting articles and a calendar of what is happening around the country. Published the first Friday of each month February – December.
A bulletin sent out to schools bi-annually encouraging the continued growth of the NZ play in education and offering resources and opportunities to teachers.


Recent mentions PLAYS FOR THE YOUNG COMPETITION DEADLINE 31 JULY 2015. Playmarket is searching for the best new plays to inspire and excite young audiences. Let your imagination run riot! 6 Jul 2015
PLAYS FOR THE YOUNG COMPETITION DEADLINE 31 JULY 2015. Playmarket is searching for the best new plays to inspire and excite young audiences. Let your imagination run riot! [more]
21st Narcissus is a montage of modern day meetings and lost souls searching for a personality. Three girls form a bond through their love of a popstar on Twitter. [more]
One night, when he pulls the plug and something grabs his foot, Dexter soon realises he has been dragged into a deep sea adventure that will change his life forever. Don’t miss this loony show full of musical mermaids, sharks with swag and dancing dogfish! [more]
LONG AGO, LONG AGO 21 Jun 2015
FAIRY TALES AND FLYING MACHINES IN ORIGINAL KIWI PLAY “What’s the difference between a story and just… something that happened?” Three siblings – a postgrad student obsessed with fairy tales, a spurious phone psychic, a teenage boy who loves flying machines – find themselves faced with the past they’ve long tried to outrun in this original New Zealand play. [more]
Young in Trouble 18 Jun 2015
B4 25 Playmarket Award nominee Ben Wilson has been inspired by seeing "young people's stories told honestly," and while I don't buy the authenticity of the issues addressed in his play, "I'll Be Fine", the pre quarter-life crisis generation is a terrifying truth to which I've been exposed. [more]