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Written and acted by current members of the upcoming Capping Show

at Globe Theatre, Dunedin
From 18 Mar 2011 to 20 Mar 2011

Reviewed by:  Patrick Davies;

Capping Show, the student sketch comedy show, has been a Dunedin and an Otago institution since 1894, making it surprisingly older than both the Dunedin Railway station and the stadium debate.

Over the course of it's long history the show has made caused much hilarity and offence to its, traditionally, student audiences, created catchphrases and timeless characters and spawned such great names as David McPhail, Jon Gadsby and Matt Gibb. Many people wouldn't call that a great success. They are probably onto something. But, like a Bachelor in the Arts, it is something that resembles a success.

Written and acted by current members of the upcoming show, this new revue not only examines ‘the' secret behind the show's world-beating mediocre achievements but also New Zealand's dark and twisted past through sketches that might have been performed at a Capping Show sometime in the past 116 years. With two world wars, many Rugby World Cup defeats and the countless chins of Robert Muldoon to lampoon, this revue has its sights on everything, its gloves off and left its manners at the door.

The Secret of Capping Show's Success runs from Saturday 18th – Sunday 20th March at 7pm, at the Globe Theatre, 104 London St, Dunedin. Door Sales Available and tickets cost $10 full and $8 concession and groups 6+.

The Secret of Capping Show's Success
The Globe Theatre 
March 18th-20th, 7pm