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Produced by Flagrant Productions – Phil O’Reilly, MJ O’Reilly, Peter Styles.
Choreographer / Artistic Director – MaryJane O’Reilly
Music – Waldeck, album entitled Ballroom Stories

at St James Theatre 1st Floor Gallery, Wellington
From 13 Sep 2011 to 24 Sep 2011

Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland
From 30 Sep 2011 to 1 Oct 2011

The Basement, Auckland
From 12 Oct 2011 to 22 Oct 2011

Theatre Royal, TSB Showplace, New Plymouth
1 Jun 2012

Assembly, Roxy, Edinburgh, Scotland
From 8 Aug 2013 to 26 Aug 2013

Chinoiserie Garden, Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton
From 26 Feb 2014 to 27 Feb 2014

Reviewed by:  Greer RobertsonEwen Coleman [Reproduced with permission of Fairfax Media] (The Dominion Post); Ngaire RileyRobbie NicolDebbie Bright;

In Flagrante is 11 short pieces set to the music of quirky Austrian cabaret group Waldeck's ‘Ballroom Stories'. The dancers draw you deeper into their dark world as each piece develops.

Our Day will Come – opening number, full cast. Watch out!; Memories - Whip solo  danced by Lara Fischel-Chisholm; Horses  - danced by Shanelle, Maria, Amanda, Megan. Inspired by Bunny Girls; Addicted  - danced by Lucy Miles, inspired by Eve and cigarette girls; Traffic Girl  - danced by Megan Smith, inspired by Korean traffic girls and hotdogging; Group Bondage  - danced by Lucy, Shanelle, Megan, Amanda. 10 min Interval. Blindfold  - danced by Maria, supported by Lara, inspired by the golden girl Freda Stark; Black and Blue  - danced by Shanelle, with Lucy, inspired by Clockwork Orange and dysfunctional relationships; Pikelet  - performed by Lara, inspired by the Edmonds Cook Book recipe.  Nurses  - danced by Shanelle, Maria and Megan, inspired by images of very bad nurses and nuns with guns. Make my Day  - danced by Amanda, inspired by Vargas Girls and 50's air hostesses. Summertime  - danced by full cast, inspired by hot steamy nites ….

The creator of this sultry show isMaryJane O'Reilly, New Zealand's legendary contemporary dance exponent and co founder of the ‘before it's time' Limbs Dance Company, whose exuberant signature style was their highly developed sense of satire, superb technical execution and genius for slapstick physical theatre.

This is a very sexy romp through some deliciously dark territory.  If you're a contemporary dance fan you'll adore the captivating choreography and precise physical and cerebral execution.  Be prepared to be surprised - if not a little shocked. If you're not a dance fan you'll love the gorgeous sculpted dancers, the humour, music and daring minimal costumes.  A fresh look at burlesque, in all is slick, naked darkness and glory.

“I wanted to challenge the orthodoxies of burlesque female sexuality; that women are capable of being bad, not just coquettish avatars,” says MaryJane

 The result is a truly unique burlesque experience. 

In Flagrante is set to be a very popular show during The REAL New Zealand Festival so book early.

6.00pm Tues 13 September
7.30pm Wed 14 September
8.30pm Thurs 15 SeptemberReal NZ Festival
10.00pm Fri 16 September
10.30pm Sat 17 September
5.00pm Sun 18 September
7.30pm Tues 20 September
7.30pm Wed 21 September
8.30pm Thurs 22 September
9.30pm Fri 23 September
10.30pm Sat 24 September

Adult $40.00*
Seniors 65+ $35.00*
*Service fees apply
R18 Contains Nudity

Seating is General Admission and cabaret style. 



A long-weekend of tasteful cabaret, comedy and burlesque shows to tickle your fancy! Seven of Australia's and New Zealand's best comedy and cabaret shows – in the TSB Showplace, Devon St, New Plymouth, Taranaki.

Friday 1 June – Sunday 3 June. Only one performance of each show - and only 400 tickets are available to each show. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster. Tickets range in price from $29 to $49 + Ticketmaster booking fee. Buy tickets now.


In Flagrante,
9 - 10.10pm (with interval), TSB Showplace
premium $49, A reserve $39.


In Flagrante » 
8 - 26 AUGUST 2013

Category Cabaret
Genres burlesque
Group Flagrant Productions
Venue Assembly Roxy
Times 22:30
Suitability 18+
Duration 1 hour

From the toxic utopia of Our Day Will Come, to a North Korean traffic girl- an exploration of women in uniform as signallers and authority figures, to horses and their wild equestrian spirit, In Flagrante is a show with a vicious little edge. Fusing cabaret and contemporary dance, fetish and theatre, pop iconology and burlesque, and an all out rebellion against female sexual stereotypes, In Flagrante is unique, provocative, sexy ... and wickedly funny!

Burlesque, Cabaret, Dance
Dancers: Shanelle Lenehan, Maria Munkowits, Lara Fischel Chisholm, Lucy Miles, Amanda McFarlane, Megan Smith
Designer – marketing, costume / props design and props maker – Phil O‘Reilly
Lighting designer- Brad Gledhill
Technical manager – Peter Styles
Costumier – Elizabeth Whiting
Special thanks: Carrie Rae Cunningham, Morgana O'Reilly for feedback through the process, Ian Harman and Sam from Palmerston North for the first workshop of choreographic development , Mary-Anne Thomson, Ryan Croon for finding Waldeck's album for me and all the dancers including Suzie Broadbent for their input through the process.