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at Wellington Waterfront, Wellington
From 14 Feb 2013 to 17 Feb 2013

The Performance Arcade 2013 returns to Wellington in its third year with a lineup of exciting new performance installations, live music, and events. The 2013 programme breaks down into three distinct sections:


THE CONTAINER SERIES: works housed in individual containers.

THE LIVE MUSIC SERIES: an excellent programme of performances from cutting edge NZ musicians.

THE WATERFRONT SERIES:  works that travel through, or occupy spaces along Wellington Waterfront.

THE LIVELAB: features a different work daily – culinary performance, installation, and performance art.

With a special international guest CHRISTOPHER McELROEN,  from New York, USA.

The Performance Arcade 2013 looks at our mythical home places: investigating the spaces, possessions, memories, traditions, and rituals that make our dwellings. As a utility for transporting homes and lives, the shipping container becomes a poignant site for these concerns: becoming a house of many rooms, a village, a suburban avenue of dwellings, or a corridor of apartments for inhabitants as diverse as our contemporary metropolis.

Our cities are full of these atomised ‘caves': arcaded living spaces of identical proportions. What stories do these enclosures contain? What forces are impacting on our private spaces and our private routines? What are the anxieties and aspirations that fill our homes? Sometimes these anxieties and aspirations are not our own: instead they are broadcast to us on devices that make the walls of our enclosures flicker with their light. Like Plato's cave-dwellers we can struggle to differentiate between these dreams and our own.

This Performance Arcade 2013 is a space where the mythologies of the home are investigated in the physical, sensitised world of live art practises: sometimes unsettling, melancholic, exuberant or thoughtful, the diverse range of voices provides a provocative discussion on the intersections between the quotidian and the quixotic, between the domestic and the dream.



10.00am-11.00pm The Performance Arcade containers open

11.00am, 2.00pm + 9.00pm, Blind Sailor, Beth Sometimes (NZ)

New works daily in the LIVELAB container and F.O.L.D. by Flux Productions (NZ)


LIVELAB container – Out of the Box: a culinary carnival, Caitlin Le Harivel (NZ)

6.30pm Gala opening, live music by Massive Explosion and Porcelain Toy


LIVELAB container – Out of the Box: a culinary carnival, Caitlin Le Harivel (NZ)

4.00pm Afternoon Music Series, with Athuzela Brown, Titzsyndrome, Bond Street Bridge

6.00pm Combat Police Brotherhood Ritual II, Samin Son (NZ/South Korea)

7.30pm New Media New Music Series, with Pyramider, Interrupt Collective + guests

$10.00 admission, door sales only


LIVELAB container – Material Remains, Annaliese Murrell (NZ)

12.00-6.00pm Cooking Class II (Margarita Ianev + Mathilde Polmard) – cooking performance

6.00pm Combat Police Brotherhood Ritual II, Samin Son (NZ/South Korea)

2.00pm Afternoon Music Series, with I.Ryoko, French For Rabbits, Seth Frightening, Weka and The Body Lyre

8.00pm Evening Music Series, with Black City Lights and Urban Tramper

$10.00 admission, door sales only


LIVELAB container – Emoticons, Anna Hunt (NZ)

12.00pm The Performance Arcade Public Forum, guest convenor Ryan Hartigan

2.30pm Afternoon Music Series, with Minnelli, Nikita and the Spooky, Grayson Gilmour, Luckless and I.Ryoko

7.30pm F.O.L.D. gathering and dance performance, Flux Productions (NZ)

8.30pm Pecha Kucha Night - $10 admission, door sales only

International Programme Sponsor – Bolton Hotel
The Performance Arcade 2013 is proud to be associated with Te Papa Tongarewa and  NZ Fringe Festival</em>.