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Choreographers: Justin Haiu, Tupua Tigafua, Nita Latu and Charlene Tedrow
Director/Producer: Iosefa Enari, Pacific Dance New Zealand

[1 hour]

at TAPAC - The Auckland Performing Arts Centre, Auckland
From 20 Mar 2013 to 23 Mar 2013

Reviewed by:  Margi Vaz Martin;

Pacific Dance New Zealand presents Moana, A Pacific Dance Showcase. This showcase is a celebration of the fifth year of PDNZ's annual Pacific Dance Choreographic Lab and is a forum in which to re-stage works from previous labs presenting a range of specifically Pacific voices in the form of dance choreographers Justin Haiu (New Zealand Dance Company), Tupua Tigafua (New Zealand Dance Company), Nita Latu (University of Auckland Dance Studies) and Charlene Tedrow (Ura Tabu Pacific Dance).

Moana is a generic Pacific island term meaning Ocean. Here, Moana represents both the meeting of the seas in Auckland's isthmus and the spread of people from the islands, the centre of Moana in the Auckland region. This concentration of peoples from various island backgrounds and lineages in “Aukilani” has led to the creation of dynamic variances in communities, possibilities and outlooks – all with a certain essence which connects these variances; something like the ocean, like Moana connecting islands held in its belly.

Moana presents a coming together of stories and ideas from Pacific choreographers living in Aukilani/Auckland City and their response to this urban environment quite apart and yet still carrying through their Pacific island descent.

The underpinning theme of Moana is to address the space between the heritage, traditions and contemporary dance world of the Pacific. It will reference the space or distance between our island homes and Auckland/Aotearoa and its influence on our unique dance language and the space in which the choreographers physically and creatively occupy.

A selection of exciting emerging and mid-career Auckland Pacific choreographers will share their unique perspectives and experiences through presenting original works, which will inspire, question and redress those notions of what Pacific dance is today. These works are as varied as the choreographers - their unique voices providing a perspective and response to the diaspora shared and lived both in Aotearoa/New Zealand and the wider Pacific.

Cast List:

The Broken Ties - Kimberly Young, Conor Young, Mathew Hamuera, Nichole Pereira, Nita Latu

Call to Wallis - Paula Uvea, Aisea Latu, Tevita Vaka, Onetoto Ikavuka, Michael Falesiu, Justin Haiu

Spiritus Aitu - Elaine Tipi, Siobhan Patia, Mele Taeiloa, Kolopa Simei-Barton, Avei Alofaga-Futi, Katerina Fatupaito, Santana Schmidt, Riki Nofo'akifolau, Sophie Williams

We Shall See Shel on the Sea Shore - Christopher Tevita Ofanoa, Aloalii (lii) Tapu, Adam Naughton, Kosta Bogoievski and Tupua Tigafua.