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NZ International Comedy Festival
Dave Wiggins is 100% HUMAN, 0% WHALE (USA/NZ)

at Comedy Underground, 305 Queen St, Auckland
From 6 May 2008 to 10 May 2008
[1hr, no interval]

Reviewed by Jessie Kollen, 7 May 2008

According to Dave Wiggins being human is about keeping yourself entertained.  Keeping yourself entertained is one thing, but how do you entertain other people as well?  And how do you entertain a crowd of reticent New Zealanders?  Perhaps Dave Wiggins should know by now, after all he has been living here for six years. 

However, opening night is opening night and the first time a show is performed, particularly a comedy show, can be a bit of an experiment, what will entertain and what won't?  There's only one way to find out, as we say here in New Zealand: "Give it a go!" 

And Dave Wiggins gives it a good go.  Although many of his jokes might appear obvious and sometimes almost passé, Dave Wiggins himself is truly funny and he generates an atmosphere of real warmth.  In fact it's possible that his 'being a bit hopeless' is all part of the act. 

His show, titled 100% Human 0% Whale, is a purely 'Dave Wiggins' blend of humour, a very human blend of sport, chips, movies, tag vs. tiggy, pie charts and line graphs, all in all, a good blend of 100% entertainment.     
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