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NZ Fringe Festival 2012
by Kallo Collective at Wellington Fringe
Created and performed by Thom Monckton

at BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
From 16 Feb 2012 to 19 Feb 2012
[50 mins]

Reviewed by John Smythe, 17 Feb 2012

Raised in Patea and trained in Paris(L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq) via CircoArts in Christchurch, Thom Monckton devised his almost oxymoronically entitled Moving Stationery inFinland. As a silent clown he is a joy to behold.

His impeccable finger-sync piano playing, which we first saw in Members Of Our Limbs (December 2010), is simply an intro as we take our seats, as are his antics with a notice board displaying the count down to the starting time.

The substantive show captures the torpor of a lonely desk job, where a cup of tea is the highlight of the day. Basically he brings four file boxes up in a lift, unpacks them, makes his tea then discovers and urgent report that needs completing …

What makes this show brilliant is the wackily imaginative way he goes about it, and his extraordinary physical dexterity (his body locking and popping moves could win competitions if he went that way), not to mention the physics lesson implicit in his teabag dunking.

Every bit of his costume is exploited to comic effect. A past success has won him a helium-filled smiley-face balloon and the gift of pens, a pen-holder and Sellotape. These, along with a hat stand, desk, office chair, the boxes and their contents – including some sushi and a tube of wasabi paste – become characters in their own right, as the simplest tasks become complex and blossom into wondrous routines.  

Of course he comes to a reel sticky end and reality bites in the shape of that urgent report. But wait – there's more …! Don't miss it.   

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 Lindsay Clark
 Nik Smythe
 Maraea Rakuraku


Kate McGill posted 19 Feb 2012, 08:13 PM

absolutely fantastic show. It was such a joy to watch the precision in the form and the true delight of the actor working with us. Bring on a 2nd season.