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Auckland Fringe 2013
The Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show
Choreographer Julie Anterrieu

at Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland
From 20 Feb 2013 to 23 Feb 2013
[1 hr]

Reviewed by Felicity Molloy, 21 Feb 2013

Choose your dance. Then sit back and enjoy!

Enter the Loft Theatre at Q, where a beautiful Wurlitzer jukebox, complete with moving bubbles and grandiose splendour, sits in the corner - though it doesn't appear to play the music for the show. This is the key object in The Pineapple Jukebox Dance Show, and it provides a reference point for the structure of the show, directed and choreographed by Julie Anterrieu, a French choreographer of commercial dance routines who shows an exuberance and passion for dance.

The show is not immediately identifiable as belonging to the Fringe. It looks and feels like corporate entertainment, with 18 dance numbers in an array of commercial styles listed on the programme contained in the envelope you are given on entry. Nine lucky audience members receive a coin with a number. If you are one of them, you get to select a dance from the programme, and the number on the coin is the order in which your dance will be performed.

Proceedings are kept rolling  along by embellished repartee from foxy MC Phlossy Roxx, and although the pace is a little tentative, the audience quickly grasps the concept at play. Our hostess provides chitchat and games between items, with assistance from audience volunteers to fill in the time needed for costume changes. 

The first work turns out to be a lyrical solo titled America, danced by the voluptuous Nicole de Malmanche, in a white flowing frock like something Marilyn Monroe might have worn (costume designs by Coco Columbine and Greta Garment) to music by Lana Del Rey. This  shows off an easy feel for the choreographic style,  some pretty technique and an overt pleasure in performing, hallmarks which continue to be exhibited by all ten dancers throughout the medley of dance styles.

Highlights include two truly genuinely authentic French styled numbers -- a 1960s go-go trio, Gogo-YeYe, to music by April March, and the disco dance Cloclo Medley, with 6 dancers performing to a mashup of four French pop songs by Claude Francois. Julie Anterrieu shines as a performer in both of these.

Also guaranteed to be a highlight is the guest performance of the evening, on this occasion the popping duo Balancing Act, Lawrence and Mike who specialise in a joyous human dialogue comprised of spinning and moving in and out of sync with one another.

The final number, a chair routine to a classic tune by Gerry Rafferty, spins out a line that runs through my mind as I am leaving: “ I've a feeling that something aint right”. On pondering this refrain, I realise that what could be seen as an uneasy meld of mainstream dance, set in the avant garde space of a Fringe Festival becomes just that, not quite right, not quite Fringe, yet decidedly thought provoking all the same.

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D posted 24 Feb 2013, 12:34 PM

I went to this show on Friday the 22nd of Feb and I thought it was incredible. It was exceptionally well produced, everything ran very smoothly it was obvious to me that the level of organisation was very high and to be respected as I don't often see shows of this nature run this well. So even before the dancers appeared on stage I was impressed!! Once the dances were chosen (9 out of a whopping 20 that Julie Anterrieu created, wow) and the girls got to perform them I was so taken with how polished, creative, artistic and beautiful they were, so much to be appreciated with the girls having no idea how many choreography's they may have to perform that night if any at all, for those I saw multiple times I was in awe of how they looked so in control and happy to be performing on stage. 

This show inspired my creativity and has made me want to dance again, I loved it and respect the work ethic this team have put in to create such a fabulous show that you could watch again and again and never be bored of. 

Well done to you all, you are amazing. If the worst comment you got was that it wasn't fringe enough I wouldn't worry too much as there is life beyond the fringe and many more opportunities to come from your hard work and fantastic dance skills I'm sure!