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Capital E National Arts Festival
Created and Performed by Adam Page

at Paramount, Wellington
From 11 Mar 2013 to 23 Mar 2013
[40 mins]

Reviewed by Moana Ete, 11 Mar 2013

In the age of loop pedals and songs arranged entirely in a capella, Adam Page,  multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, is a living Forefather to this mind-boggling musical form. Adam brings to the Capital E National Children's Theatre Festival a story about his unique learning journey and his lifelong love for music.  

In Like it or Loop It, Adam, the bearded school boy, guides us through a typical school day in an atypical way. His fascination with everyday objects and the potential for music in them is the simple premise on which this show is structured. He goes about his day turning mundane acts, like eating breakfast and brushing his teeth, into a beat that we cannot resist dancing to.

It seems that to do live looping well is to have a Jedi affinity with the technical equipment. At Adam's feet is an impressive array of sound altering doo-dackies. Some loop his voice and other's will enhance or distort it. As Adam records sounds into the microphone, he masterfully taps away at the machines with his foot, building funky beats on the spot.

Where the magic of this show lies is Adam's interaction with his audience. The excitement amongst the children is electric. Today I am joining students from Brooklyn School who, of course, get Brooklyn-themed shout outs throughout the show. It's recess time and headed toward the stage are two brave volunteers: Nicky and Molly. They get a chance to try looping for themselves. Cool kid Nicky is confident as he yells into the mic when instructed by Adam whereas giggling Molly is a bit more ‘OMG, shame!' about the whole ordeal. Adam finds a place in the beats for her giggles too, making sure his new mate isn't left hanging. 

On leaving the venue – Paramount Theatre – all the children are in the lobby singing the new songs they helped make in the show. What a wicked thing to take away from it!  
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