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NZ Fringe 2014
Kim Potter
Presented by Hair of the Dog Productions and Kiwi Comedy Ltd

at Gryphon, Wellington
From 11 Feb 2014 to 15 Feb 2014

Reviewed by Maryanne Cathro, 12 Feb 2014

Vinyl Burns is a freak of Nature. If you don't love him, he's not really trying. The demented alter ego of Kim Potter, Burns is far better than we think he is. An act predicated on being mediocre, it is soon obvious that the talent underneath is impressive.

Holding an audience by oneself for nearly an hour is no easy feat, but Burns has sex psychologist Dr Burns to guest spot for him, as well as his cowboy alter ego, so it's a lot of value out of one act.

The magic show segment is a mash up of good tricks done badly and bad tricks with great twists. Burns shows us that magic is all about the act, not about reality, revealing ‘unintentionally' the mechanics, but in doing so of course we are lulled into a false sense of his limitations. Not a mistake one makes twice. 

The show peaks with some spectacular circus humour, which it would be churlish of me to spoil. And a great finale combining humour, music and the possibilities of music technology all woven together. 

Kim Potter is a multi-talented performer and Vinyl Burns is his chance to mash it all up in an extravagance that any mere mortal could never face down. Don some sequins, false teeth and a badly adhering toupee and suddenly the boundaries are busted down, and everything goes.

If you go, and I hope that you do, sit in the front row and let the mojo take you over. It is worth it.
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