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NZ Fringe 2014
Cabaret Royale
Dusty Limits

at Fringe Bar, 26 Allen St, Wellington
From 13 Feb 2014 to 15 Feb 2014
[90 mins]

Reviewed by Maryanne Cathro, 15 Feb 2014

Wow, just wow. Sometimes the hardest reviews to write are for the best shows. They sit in the memory whole and delicious, like a ripe strawberry; and having to chew, swallow and digest them in writing seems unnecessary. 

Cabaret Royale is a perfect strawberry, and the best fruit of all is Dusty Limits. How lucky we are to have him down in New Zealand for a few short weeks. Everything he says is charming, dirty, funny, or all three. That's some combo. His opening number, ‘Don't Tell Mama' from Cabaret, brings the house down. I mean, this number didn't even make the movie but the way Dusty sings it, it's the best song in the show! 

But Dusty is not alone in the fruit bowl of fabulousness. Victor Victorious (Eli Joseph) is a generous and entertaining compere and gives us an endearing and wickedly funny number about the perils of being a ‘ginger'.

Other highlight performances include the sizzling Moxie Fizz's Doctor Who, and Vicky Velour's perfectly timed and engaging good girl going bad. Felix Goodfellow busts out some Boylesque moves that shock and delight. A last minute sub in from Lady Rosetta Stone improves our knowledge of erotic literature, and Deity Dollichious, a vision in pink, shows her inner black sheep.

A few moments of so-so fare did not linger on the tongue – even the best fruit bowl has an ordinary apple in it, but it is still a good fruit.  

There's no chance to suffer from fructose overload taking this lot on however, if tonight's audience are anything to go by. With so much energy burned cheering, whooping and clapping in a show of enthusiasm so un-Wellington-like, I feel transported to another place where audiences laugh on the outside too!
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