September 3, 2013

WTF is BLAG!?!

Nic Lane               posted 3 Sep 2013, 03:17 PM / edited 3 Sep 2013, 03:26 PM

I recently joined this thing called BLAG or the Big Live Arts Group, its kinda like a support group or maybe something bigger, something way bigger… I still don’t exactly what it is yet.

They hang out here:

and have a kaupapa that goes something like this:

    To develop a supportive and critically engaged community within the performing arts industry that is anchored by principles of diversity, inclusion, openness and transparency.

    Generating an alternative creative economy that prioritises artistic values and develops sustainable practices, shared resources, mentorship, and discussion.

    Pursuing, promoting and developing artistic rigour, innovation, progressiveness, re-examining form, currency and relevance to contemporary practice and contemporary concerns.

    Developing a professional community of collaborative practitioners who are empowered, communicative and who act as advocates and champions for the performing arts.

    Engaging and growing audiences with a sense of purpose and generosity, developing community ownership of the performing arts.

Have you heard about them, and what do they look like from your side of the fence?

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