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Bernadette Rae is the NZ Herald dance reviwer. her reviews in the NZ Herald are linked to those on Theatreview.

Bernadette Rae's reviews

Made to Move - The Royal NZ Ballet

Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin

27/02/2013 - 20/03/2013

"Three choreographies, utterly different and utterly delightful..

"Triple bill goes from delicacy to rousing polka..

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Language of Living

Christchurch, Auckland

11/07/2012 - 03/05/2014

"Dance as inspired theatre..

"Language of living with the New Zealand Dance Company..

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The Nutcracker On Ice

Auckland, Wellington

10/06/2012 - 15/07/2012

"The Nutcracker on Ice..

Run, Slip, Spring


27/06/2012 - 30/06/2012

"Run, Slip and Spring, Q Theatre..

"The Doing of Dance..

The Meridian Season of The Sleeping Beauty

Palmerston North, Dunedin, Wellington, Napier, Invercargill, Auckland

28/10/2011 - 04/12/2011

"A feast of virtuoso dance..

"Truly first rate pure escapism..

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Shine Lady

Leigh, north of Auckland, Auckland

18/05/2011 - 30/05/2011

"A bejewelled celebration of the primordial feminine..

"A fluid, feminine performance..

Stravinsky Selection - Royal NZ Ballet

Invercargill, Auckland, Wellington

20/05/2011 - 09/06/2011

"Two tough acts for poor Petrouchka to follow..

"Satisfied with Great Success is the delight in this Triple Bill..

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The Show Must Go On


17/03/2011 - 19/03/2011

"Show about dancing cuts to the core..

"Deeply thought provoking, hilarious, layered and playful..



16/03/2011 - 19/03/2011

"..a night for humanity... a night for dancers..

"Wright’s dancers in full flight to spin tale of hope against the odds..

May B


09/03/2011 - 12/03/2011

"Intensely disciplined performance..

"Precise poetics, minute attention to detail..

Beautiful Me


07/03/2011 - 09/03/2011

"Beautiful Me indeed..

"A special gift..

Birds of Paradise 2010


08/12/2010 - 18/12/2010

"Mixed bag of birds need more room to move..

"Sit back and enjoy the fun..

Universal Drive Double Bill


01/10/2010 - 03/10/2010

"Knickers add a common touch..

"Subconscious minds & posing bodies..

My Penina


02/08/2010 - 07/08/2010

"Comedy and tension permeate little masterpiece..

"Hilarious and heartfelt story-telling..


Christchurch, Invercargill, Wellington, Auckland, Palmerston North, Napier

05/06/2010 - 10/07/2010

"Barefoot in Rio with absolutely no bull..

"Feral grace amid dated choreography..

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2010 Made in New Zealand

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin

26/04/2010 - 26/05/2010

"Footnote’s triumph lies with Purlieu..

"Physically robust ensemble in tight performance mode..

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Dream of the Red Chamber


09/04/2010 - 10/04/2010

"Rich carnival of vibrant colour is lacking in feeling..

"A marvellously produced spectacular..

Duets Showcase


03/10/2009 - 03/10/2009

"Whew! Yipee!..

"Transported and discovered by diversity..

Late Show #1


01/10/2009 - 03/10/2009

"Debauchery, madness and mayhem come easy to mature dancers..

"Viva la mature dancer!..

La Sylphide

Wellington, Christchurch, Invercargill, Auckland, Dunedin, Napier

30/07/2009 - 03/09/2009

"Perpetuating imperial European cultural legacies..

"Polished performances capture true spirit of this melodramatic dance..

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Left and Right


17/06/2009 - 21/06/2009

"Colourful knits – done and undone..

"Home-spun concept a great fit for the times..

2009 Made in New Zealand

Auckland, Hastings, Hamilton, Invercargill, Dunedin, Wellington

02/04/2009 - 12/06/2009

"Reflective flights and figurative falls..

"Too wholesome, joyful and enthusiastic to excite..

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