An Intimate Evening with Tabitha Booth

Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland

29/06/2024 - 06/07/2024

Production Details

Writer & Producer – Frankie McNair

Presented by Laughing Stock

Frankie McNair – An Intimate Evening with Tabitha Booth
Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2022

Ring Ring! Who’s that? Hollywood? Tell them I’m busy! Ha!

Liza Minelli fears her. Barbara Streisand wants to be her. Judy Garland circa 1950 lusts for her. Get ready for Tabitha Booth!

After a mystery hiatus, a lot of credit card debt and in an act of pure desperation, Tabitha Booth returns to the stage for the comeback no-one was expecting…or asked for.

Witness as this Forrest Gump of Old Hollywood uses her last threads of sanity to share her life’s work; from her breakout role as “Long Fork Lady”, to being kneecapped by Marylin Monroe for trying to harmonize “happy birthday”, it’s a night of all the classic stories and off-off-off Broadway hits you’ve never heard and love.

Join heavily medicated lounge singer Tabitha Booth for an intimate evening of unhinged comedy like no other.

Starring comedian Frankie McNair (7 Days, Thank God You’re Here, Just For Laughs TV Gala)

To book a wheelchair space, or if you have any additional access needs please contact our Box Office on (09) 309 9771 or email

8:00pm Saturday, June 29
7:00 pm Sunday, June 30
7:00 pm Tuesday, July 2
7:00 pm Wednesday, July 3
8:00 pm Thursday, July 4
8:00 pm Friday, July 5
8:00 pm Saturday, July 6

Preview $25, Full Price $25

Performers – Frankie McNair
Rhys Matthewson

Comedy , Theatre , Solo ,

1 hour

Pill-popping, wine-swilling Tabitha Booth/Frankie McNair (what a wonderful voice) delights and satisfies.

Review by Dion Hunt 03rd Jul 2024

Tabitha Booth makes her appearance from backstage as the audience members begin to fill the 10 tables that create a cabaret theatre feel. The air not yet filled with smoke, Tabitha glides amongst her audience chatting casually and familiarly. Letting us know we are about to be a part of her much-anticipated return.

In the background a clever series of interviews with the likes of Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt and Tabitha herself, can be seen, and sometimes heard, as the din grows, and the crowd settles.

All this time a Stage Manager – you may recognise a Kiwi comic of some standing (or was that just a clever disguise?) – has been scurrying about ensuring all is right in the world of Miss Booth. And he will continue to try to maintain this uneven keel all evening, sometimes against the odds.

The show is a blend of cleverly created comic story, cabaret music and dance, and sometimes complete mayhem. Frankie McNair is a highly skilled, devoted and observant performer who brings to life (again?) this star from a bygone era in an enchanting, and engaging way.

The dialogue is pacey and, whilst at times appears ad-libbed, lends itself to the chaos of Tabitha’s life. Harking back to a time when she was a head-lining act across the country and the world with her “Long Fork Lady” (please don’t mention this), her winning TV show with her now absent husband, and even her chance at being a “Bond Girl” – never has a Bond theme song been so blind, humorous and golden.

A wonderfully written story and text, a cleverly presented show, the only thing missing from the content would be an audience member’s imagination and a want to laugh at a calamitous pace.

Pill-popping, wine-swilling, tobacco-touting, Karaoke-ing, singing (what a wonderful voice, mic’d or not!), dancing, burlesque performance, crowd-participation, Tabitha Booth/Frankie McNair delights and satisfies anyone wanting a great evening out in the “sexy cousin of the attic”. 

At The Loft, Q Theatre until July 6th


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