Between Two is an intimate double-bill featuring short works by Douglas Wright and Kelly Nash.

M.Nod // Douglas Wright

M.Nod is a meditation in the flesh on the realm of dreams and visions: the night-world. The dancer falls, through “nodding”, into the arms of Morpheus, into the night-language of Finnegan’s Wake, but is repeatedly jolted back into the waking state, only to succumb again.

Once fully immersed in the dream-scape he moves to the sound of deep throat-singing, dancing in another dimension, becoming M.Nod.

M.Nod was originally commissioned by Michael Lett

My Inner Sound // Kelly Nash

My Inner Sound exposes a normally silent body in duet with a ghost, between two moments of a beginning and end.  An extension of the larger work Atamira (platform of the dead). 

My Inner Sound was commissioned by Atamira Dance Company

Presented by Douglas Wright & Kelly Nash as part of Tempo Dance Festival 2018

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Q Theatre, The Vault,  
Friday Oct – Saturday Oct 13 2018
Fri 05/10 – 7PM, 8PM
Sat 6/10 – 5:45PM, 7PM, 8PM
Fri 12/10 – 7PM, 8PM
Sat 13/10 – 7PM, 8PM
Ticket price:
$19.95 (booking fees may apply)