Basement Theatre, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland

08/05/2012 - 12/05/2012

NZ International Comedy Festival 2012

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Truth is funnier than fiction, and Cal Wilson loves a good yarn. Especially if it involves personal peril, social awkwardness or just good old-fashioned eavesdropping.

In this brand new show, Cal shares her favorite bizarre real-life moments and invites the audience to chuck in a few of their own. Celebrating stories of embarrassment, implausible triumph, and overheard genius; and unraveling the back stories of everything from “my ex left me for the stripper on that brochure,” to the elderly man lying on a bank floor, groaning, “this almost never happens…”

This is Cal’s first solo show in New Zealand since 2001, and she’s excited to be back home. In the meantime, the inaugural Billy T Award Winner has been touring non-stop throughout Australia and making regular TV appearances in both countries, becoming a fan favorite on 7 Days (TV3), Spicks ‘n’ Specks (TV1) and Thank God You’re Here (TVNZ/Comedy Channel).

Join her as she searches for the Greatest Story Ever Told. It could be yours…
(ps. It’s not eavesdropping if its research) 

“(4 stars) Wilson is sharp as a tack” Herald Sun

“(4 stars) …clever, creative had the audience in hoots” The Age

As part of the NZ International Comedy Festival 2012

Dates:  Tues 8 – Sat 12 May, 7pm
Venue: The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, City
Tickets:  Adults $26.00; Conc. $22, Groups 10+ $22.00
Bookings:  0800 842 538 or 
Duration:  1 hour 

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Fresh, natural, funny

Review by Kate Ward-Smythe 09th May 2012

She’s all grown up now, with child, husband and a flash career in Melbourne, yet Cal Wilson is still the energizer bunny of the comedy circuit. Oozing boundless enthusiasm, she’s one of the brightest, most vivacious and uplifting women I know. She makes delivering a story-filled show, complete with unscheduled technical failure, look natural, easy and even pleasurable.

We leave the theatre bubbling with stories of our own – In fact, I have no doubt Cal’s premise (sharing a swag of stories with a bunch of folk in a low lit room) inspires everyone else in the audience to do the same: share good ole fashioned ‘beginning-middle-end’ stories with their mates.

Being part of an interactive, inclusive and exposing night, is effortless, as Cal is so free and friendly with her own memories and tales, plus supportive of all the offers her audience gives, that it’s impossible not to feel a willingness to share. Folks are all too keen to do so, with some – such as ex flatmates Mike and Warren – revealing many sordid details.

Cal leads us to her story-board, with colourful speech bubbles Velcroed on the back wall of the stage, which act as story-starters, with topics like ‘Sex’, ‘Moments of mortification’, ‘Lies Your Family Told You’ and so on.

Our crowd need little more encouragement than that. Admittedly the open night posse is dotted with friends but even so, the dialogue between performer and audience is overflowing and hugely entertaining.

I imagine Cal’s material for this show keeps growing. Just as she shares the best offers from previous audiences, so too will our gems of the night (such as Mr Whippy’s timely tune) become part of future shows. We are an awesome audience, especially the row of merry nurses at the back.

Before we get to the stories proper, on opening night, Cal has to deal with a stand-up comedian’s worst nightmare: microphone failure. However, the outcome is a seamless bonus comedy routine, with Josh the tech endowed with an on-stage support role, as Cal successfully directs the dilemma, including a partial strip, as she takes off the faulty mic, describing her move as “The World’s Saddest Burlesque Show”. She doesn’t miss a beat, and we hear ever word. Kiwi ingenuity. Much respect.

Once we are safely back on the story-wagon, Cal’s show is a treat from start to finish; from recounting urban legends to sharing personal experiences from childhood, youth, love and life. Even though her opening night is “a shambles” from Cal’s perspective, from where her audience’s is sitting, it’s the opposite: her stories are fresh and totally natural in the telling, plus very funny in content and delivery. 


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