Cinders - the True Story

Globe Theatre, 104 London St, Dunedin

03/12/2018 - 07/12/2018

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This magical fairytale of Cinderella is like no other, but it does contain the usual elements: yes, there’s a widowed Baron, remarried to a harridan of a Baroness, who dotes upon her two hideous daughters, Cinderella’s step-sisters; yes, Cinderella is reduced to the life of a skivvy at Hardup Hall, befriended by fellow servant, the infatuated Buttons; yes, there’s a Prince Charming looking for a wife, dogged by the King’s servant, Dandini; yes, Fate brings the Prince and Cinderella together, not quite in the way you might expect, and they all live … well, you know the rest! Yes, Fate operates in surprising ways, as you will see…

Yet, this pantomime is no different to others: it combines slapstick, singing and dancing with the traditions of audience participation (yes, actively boo and hiss the baddies; cheer the goodies; commiserate with the down-trodden; take sides in the arguments – Oh yes, you can/ Oh no, you can’t!) with the traditions of gender role reversals. Perfect entertainment for the Festive Season.

The Globe Theatre, 104 London Street.
Sat 1 Dec, Sat 8 Dec, Sun 9 Dec at 2pm
Mon 3 Dec to Fri 7 Dec at 7.30pm

Bookings link: or phone: 03 477 3274

Ticket prices:
$15 adult; $10 secondary school; $5 intermediate and primary school. Under 5s free


Theatre , Pantomime , Children’s ,

60 minutes

Plenty of gender bending, slapstick comedy and audience participation

Review by Kate Timms-Dean 02nd Dec 2018

Everyone loves a pantomime at Christmas and this one will really put the jingle in your season’s greetings! The large audience appears to prove the point, with all ages in attendance, from pre-schoolers to pensioners. They are in for a real Christmas treat.

Built on the foundations of the classic fairy tale, Cinders: The true story retells the familiar story of Cinderella, but with a few twists to keep the audience guessing. With brilliant casting, the characters are perfectly rendered. From the Hairy Godmother (Campbell Thomson) and the ugly sisters, Dotty (Thomas Makinson) and Potty (Edward Matthews), to power couple Cinderella (Jennifer Hughson) and Prince Charming (Beth Lockhead), characterisation is flawless, with immaculate comic timing and great interaction with the audience.

Supporting characters, Dandini (Jude Conway) and Buttons (Mikayla Cameron) are superbly presented; Buttons, in particular, is a firm crowd favourite due to the faithful defence of our leading lady.

If one is to pick a highlight, it would have to be that classic rendering of the panto baddie by Belinda Leckie as Baroness Hardup. Leckie’s portrayal of the wicked stepmother is brilliant, providing a caricature reminiscent of Cruella de Ville. With impressive support from her dysfunctional daughters (Makinson and Matthews), as well as a downtrodden and pathetic husband, Baron Hardup (David Thomson), this is a villain the audience loves to hate.

With a flock of familiar faces ably creating a captivating chorus within the ambience of the Globe Theatre, Cinders: The true story is entertainment for the whole family. Like every good panto, there is plenty of gender bending, slapstick comedy and audience participation to keep you engaged. At times the old school humour is a little on-the-nose for our 21st century palates, but all the same, who doesn’t like the odd cream pie gag on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

So, if you’re looking for a laugh, or something to do with the kids this week, look no further than Cinders, with matinee and evening performances running throughout the weeklong season ending Sunday 9 December.  


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