BATS Theatre, Studio, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

10/06/2021 - 12/06/2021

Kia Mau Festival 2021

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Full sensory experience of poetry, music, visuals & taste. 

Miss Leading, has returned to New Zealand from two years performing her unique combination of poetry and electronic ambient pop across the UK including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After a sell-out show at New Zealand Fringe Festival, her show Eat These Words returns to invite you to comfort eat your way through her emotional roller coaster of confronting, political, and miserable poetry (along with a few laughs).

Luring attendees with snacks, she aims to take you through a full sensory experience with music, visuals and taste.

This show contains adult concepts including sex, sexual assault and course language.

BATS Theatre, The Studio, 1 Kent Terrace, Wellington
10 – 12 June 2021
$7.50 – $20
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Theatre , Performance Poetry , Music ,

Thoughtfully created with an unusual – and tasty – premise

Review by Margaret Austin 12th Jun 2021

At the door of BATS’ Studio space, we are handed a food allergens list – surely a disclaimer for any adverse effects caused by watching this show. Its creator, Miss Leading, is a charming host in pink and white pinny who makes no bones about why we’re all here.  

There’s an egg carton on each seat and it contains ten small food items. And yes, we’re allowed to eat them, but only one by one and as per instruction. Each item relates to a personal experience or observation, and these take the form of narration, poetry or song.  

A jelly jet plane is item number one and symbolises the impulse to fly – it’s an effective take-off (pun intended). We get a red coconut ball next, of the kind Miss Leading’s Fijian Indian mother used to make. “A dreamy child makes laughter a contagious disease” is a nice observation. Blueberries – number three – evoke memories of her dad’s frozen feet and the unfortunate consequences.

Political comment makes an appearance and reveals a tougher and sternly realistic side to the commentary. This is symbolised by the progress from chocolate and love to the bitterness of coffee beans, and maybe we’re not surprised that our performer has worked in public health in the UK.

Delightfully descriptive phrases include “a syncopation of crunch and chew” (cornflakes) and a particularly apt two liner in response to an awkward encounter (marshmallow).   

“Electronic ambient pop” is how the programme note describes the music I’m hearing. It’s an effective sound, and an appropriate accompaniment to the narration, as are the images on screen.

This is a thoughtfully created, well-rehearsed performance, with an unusual – and tasty – premise. 


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