Auckland Old Folks Association. 8 Gundry Street (off K' Road), Auckland

02/05/2013 - 04/05/2013

Thistle Hall, Cnr Cuba & Arthur Streets, Wellington

10/05/2013 - 11/05/2013

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

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After five years of easy work Guy Williams is finally getting the respect he has never really deserved. With award in hand Guy can finally fulfil his dream of “nailing shit 24/7” and just generally “feeling the vibes”.

Guy first gained media attention after appearing on Paul Henry’s Breakfast program as a pro-whaling activist in 2010. Since then he has worked on “The Jono Project” (TV3), “7 Days” (TV3) and other things as well. He is currently appearing on the TV3 comedy show “Jono and Ben at 10”.

After Winning the Billy T award Guy immediately embarked on a self satisfying, sell out* “National Tour of The Nation”. (*The Greymouth Scout Hall only had 32 seats).

In 2013 Guy aims to take over the world through the medium of podcasting with a new release as well as the ongoing ‘hit’ “The Big Sports Weekend Round Up With The Lads” – a sports podcast featuring Dai Henwood, Joseph Moore and Tom Furniss (2013 Billy T Nominees).

Guy’s hobbies are twitter and resurrecting a failed Basketball career that ended when he was cut from the Wellington Saints in 2007… but mainly twitter. “The great thing about twitter is that it’s like texting but you don’t have to have any friends to do it!” – Guy Williams

“B Grade Celebrity” – Dominion Post 18/5/09
“Tosser” – Paul Henry (Australian Woman’s Weekly) 1/8/2010
“Very funny” – Sarah McMullan, Radio New Zealand National. 24/7/12

As part of the 2013 NZ International Comedy Festival


Date: Thu 2 – Sat 4 May, 7 pm
Venue: Auckland Old Folks Association Hall, 8 Gundry St

Date: Fri 10 – Sat 11 May, 7 pm
Venue: Thistle Hall, Cnr Cuba & Arthur Sts

Tickets: Entry by Koha 

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Entertaining and likeable

Review by Simon Howard 12th May 2013

As the Billy T award winner for 2012, the expectation for Guy Williams show is high. A packed out Thistle Hall makes for a particularly suitable venue for this welcoming Koha show. 

Starting off by interacting with his audience and making jokes about Hamilton, Williams gets the audience onside with his wit and engaging style. Wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt gives him scope to talk about his love of the show, and how difficult it is to recommend to anyone else, given its graphic content.  

Using a range of material, varying from interactions on Facebook to emails from his mum, Williams is able to draw humour throughout with the aid of his projector and laptop. Referring to his hometown of Nelson with endearment, he is able to compare and contrast the way people perceive other races without causing offence, and always hits the right tone of sarcasm and irony.

Where Williams could improve is in the confidence of his delivery. He appears nervous and there is definitely space to refine and condense his material to ensure it fully delivers on its undoubted potential.

Despite technical difficulties, at no point does the audience lose interest, and the show is an entertaining and likeable hour of stand-up from one of New Zealand’s best up-and-coming comedians. 


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Fun with the inner workings of an Ass and a mind

Review by Kathryn van Beek 03rd May 2013

Number 8 Gundry Street holds a certain fascination for many Aucklanders. The building is serious, seriously retro, and emblazoned with ‘Auckland Old Folks Ass’ on the side. This evening the steamy Ass is filled to the gills with people eager to experience the comedy of Guy Williams, who has won an award (he never actually says what the award is, but it’s a safe bet it’s not for Year 13 history).*

Williams introduces himself and operates his own AV and lights in a friendly and folksy show that perfectly complements the surroundings. At one and a half hours long the performance is good value for the koha entry fee (though the Game of Thrones fan fiction may not make it to the next night).

The show is fast and loose, and charmingly personal. Highlights include emails from Guy’s mum, headlines from the Nelson Daily Mail and an anecdote about TV mate Jono’s do-gooding gone wrong.

Heckling an audience member from Remuera takes Guy down an amusing tangent and the show is peppered with hilarious visual aids. As he says, the show could be called cool stuff on Guy Williams’ computer.

Guy Williams Has Won An Award is a fun night out experiencing the inner workings of the Auckland Old Folks Association and the mind of one of our most endearing comedians. Highly recommended.
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*[It was the 2012 Billy T Award – hence the yellow towel in the pic.]


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