Little Andromeda, Level 1/134 Oxford Terrace, Central City, Christchurch

05/12/2020 - 05/12/2020

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Briana and Maddy met at Walt Disney World, Florida. They are just a couple of weird and funny modern day lesbians. With a pretty great, if at sometimes bizarre marriage, they are here to tell their story.

There will be drama, some fights, some tears but always laughter.

Little Andromeda Theatre, Level 1/130 Oxford Terrace, Christchurch Central*
Saturday 5th Dec 2020

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*Nestled in between Craft Embassy and Amaterrace on The Terrace

Theatre , Spoken word , Performance Poetry , Comedy ,

Engaging tension, humour, drama, crescendos and pathos

Review by Fiona S Giles 06th Dec 2020

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed the start of tonight’s show. I wish to convey my sincerest apologies and regret to both the creators and the audience.

I am always pleasantly surprised when I see smaller productions with a full-house – Christchurch audiences display a faith in creators and performers not seen in many cities. Little Andromeda champions these smaller productions, mostly original work by New Zealanders. Tonight every seat is filled and everyone’s attention captivated by the performers, Maddy and Briana McZant.

The drama-comedy chronicling Maddy and Briana’s relationship is written and directed by Briana, a writer, comedian and actor, and produced by Maddy, a stand-up comedian. It takes a moment for me to fully realise that the actors are playing themselves – I was blinded by a certainty that they must have hired actors because it is one thing to write about your life but quite another to perform it yourself. Many an author won’t even read the audio version of their book, finding it too close to home for comfort. I am awed by the honesty and bravery Maddy and Briana McZant display in their willingness to lay bare the intimacies of their lives. 

Tonight’s hour-long show opens a window onto the relationship of a young lesbian couple and the many ups and downs that accompany it, during which they occasionally burst into song. The music is directed by music veteran Frankie Daly. The song choices match the mood perfectly each time, though to my mind the acoustics at Little Andromeda, unfortunately, do not suit singing.  

Meeting in Disney World but living half-a-world apart, Maddy and Brianna McZant are a couple who beat many odds. The story unfolds in a series of tightly crafted scenes: the opening draws the viewer in, the tension builds in both humour and drama to a crescendo, and leads to a final, often poignant, line. Every scene is a perfectly bite-sized nugget of Maddy and Briana’s lives, a complete mini-story in itself.

The detailed set design adds to the comedy – a kitchen tap made of tinfoil wobbles alarmingly every time someone brushes past. A car made of cardboard must be lifted up and over everything else, which cracks up the audience. The pots and pans are clearly from the toy shop. Not to mention the lovingly arranged Disney stuffed toys and accessories. I am usually in the less-is-more camp when it comes to sets and props, but I have to agree with my companion that tonight’s’ are a treat.

Throughout, the play addresses the assumptions and presumptions we all bring into both relationships and living together. Whether you have a spouse, partner or house-mates, you will find parallels in your own life. Maddy wants to join a posh gym – Briana wrestles with the associated privilege. Briana leaves towels on the floor, which enrages Maddy – Maddy never offers to cook, for which Briana feels unappreciated.

But through all their ups and downs a shining core beams – that Maddy and Briana’s relationship is built on a foundation of mutual love and respect. Though both women wrestle to understand that everyone’s normal is different, they learn to accept it, thanks to that rock-steady love at the heart of the relationship.

And perhaps the central message we can take away from tonight’s show is that together a committed couple can create a new normal. One that works for them. Much like the hers and hers towels that give the show its title. I sincerely hope we get to see it again soon.


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