Whammy Bar, St Kevin’s Arcade, K' Road, Auckland

18/02/2013 - 19/02/2013

Auckland Fringe 2013

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“Unfortunately on this occasion, you have been unsuccessful. ***** acknowledges the effort that you have dedicated to your application and appreciates that you will be devastated by this result.”

Entering a bar after a tawdry weekend might be just your cup of tea. But hey, you win some, you lose some.

We Should Practice presents Horses and other farm animals, a new work from We Should Practice. Written and directed by Louise Tu´u and performed by Moe Laga, Mele Taeiloa, Riki Nofo’akifolau, Loma Teisi and Rosalind Tui, and special guests, Horses and other farm animals looks to environmental activism, paternal figures and funding rejection for inspiration.

Come join the dots.

We Should Practice is very excited to present this new work with recent Pacific Institute of Performing graduates, Rosalind Tui and Loma Teisi as well as seasoned performers, Rosita Vai and Ilasa Galuvao.

Louise Tu´u has been involved professionally in theatre and the visual arts for over a decade. She has written, directed and curated works such as Le Tauvaga, Providence, Top 16, Range of Convergence, Dead Mileage and To Fergusson with Love. Her most recent work is Gaga: the unmentionable.

Production design by the formidable and friendly Kate Burton.

Auckland Fringe runs from 15 February to 10 March 2013. For more Auckland Fringe information go to

18TH and 19th February, 6:30pm
Duration: 60 minutes
Location: Whammy Bar, St Kevin’s Arcade, Karangahape Road
Tickets: Adults $15 / Concessions and Group Bookings $10
Bookings: iTicket –  or 09 361 1000 

Performers: Moe Laga, Mele Taeiloa, Riki Nofo'akifolau, Loma Teisi and Rosalind Tui

Contemporary Pacific performance extravaganza at its best

Review by Gus Simonovic 19th Feb 2013

F F F F …. Fringe! F F F  … think of all the F words: Fresh, Flamboyant, Force, Feminine, Furious, Fur-ious, Freestyle, Futuristic, Forward, Fingers, Fagot, Familiar, Figs, Funny, Fame, Foreign, Friendly, Fast, unFormal, upFront, in-your-Face, Freaky, Fateful, noFrills and Fat-Free, Farm, Frolicking, Funding, Fortune, Fourteen, Figure-out, Figurine …. you know, all those simple things, that make you Fink!

After a very successful anti-promo campaign for their new show, Horses and Other Farm Animals, writer/director Louise Tu´u and performers Moe Laga, Mele Taeiloa, Riki Nofo’akifolau, Loma Teisi and Rosalind Tui of We Should Practice leave no space for a surprise and deliver a perfect anti-performance.  

The packed-out Whammy bar is a great venue choice for an uber-urban farm, stage dressed-up for the occasion in plastic, hard plastic and soft rubber. The performers and their special guests are – yes, yes, you guessed it – dressed in plastic bags and rubber gloves.  They kept appearing and disappearing with ease, meowing and purrrrr-ing, singing and dancing spontaneously, to a soundtrack of screaming, whispering neigh-ing and whinnie-ing.

And now think of all the Un-words: un-choreographed, un-plugged, un-designed, un-heroic, un-measurable, un-modern, un-namable, un-oaked, un-audited, un-found, un-funded, un-political, un-classified, un-sexy, un-predictable, un-forgettable …

Audience was touched! .We were asked questions and chatted with at the bar, teased and kissed and rubbed off and rolled over, inter-acted with and lap-sat upon. A Fery Fersonal exFerience. You could easily feel almost left-out if one of the performers /horses or other farm animals, wasn’t talking /playing just to /with you at all times.

A raw product of uniqueness, Horses and Other Farm Animals is contemporary Pacific performance extravaganza at its best.

See it, Fringe about it, Fink about it!


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