Q Theatre, Rangatira, Auckland

11/10/2017 - 11/10/2017


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What’s up next? Who speaks next? Who will have the next big idea? What is the next step in the evolution of hip-hop?

NEXT is a fast-paced show that melds the influences behind award-winning hip-hop crew IDCO with an exploration of the endless possibilities of hip-hop looking forward. IDCO dancers and choreographers, in collaboration with friends past and present, challenge the boundaries of hip-hop norms with ideas and movement that is fun, unexpected and unafraid.

Identity Dance Company formed 10 years ago and alongside two gold and two silver medals achieved in the last four years at world competitions, the founding members have melded their expertise in hip-hop with the experience gained as tertiary dance students to break boundaries – always looking for the NEXT step in their creative journey.

IDCO still compete in international hip-hop competitions, and this year all four crews (80 dancers) will represent NZ at the World Hip-Hop Championships in Phoenix, Arizona to showcase the creativity that has brought them success and continues to set the bar high in the evolution of hip-hop dance.

$23.00 – 30.00*
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Wed 11 Oct 7.30pm
60 mins

Hiphop , Dance , Contemporary dance ,

60 mins

What's next for champion hip-hoppers?

Review by Raewyn Whyte 13th Oct 2017

Next marks the continuing development of the 60-member Auckland-based Identity Dance Company (IDCO) in its quest to find a future beyond competitive hip-hop (it’s IDCO that gave the world Bradas, the world champion hip-hop dancers taking the world by storm).

Replacing its annual Tempo Dance Festival Out of the Box hip-hop survey show, which last year featured IDCO’s dozen professional dancers; Next looks toward possible new directions.




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A zone of freedom for IDCO

Review by Vivian Arthur Aue 12th Oct 2017

NEXT travels into the creative mindsets of various choreographers from Identity Dance Company. Recently returning from the World Hip Hop Championships in the USA, IDCO breaks away from the competition environment into the zone of freedom, creating dance just because they can.

Ko Wai Matou is a fusion of Haka movement and various sharp street dance styles, sharing a raw movement quality by an all-male cast full of mana and ihi, from the spiritual realm. Black cropped hoodies drape the dancers who move with might and power representing their ancestors who dwell in their spirits. Chevrolet Mikaere and Taniora Motutere offer more than dance, they offer a platform for Maori art to be showcased through a unique way of choreography. The whipping of a taiaha is seen and the wairua from the dancers create a mystical atmosphere. The lighting choices take away from the vigorous choreography and a closed cyclorama may provide the strength the dance work deserves.

We are blessed with vivid colours from Origins, choreographed by Chevrolet Mikaere, Lucy Peters, Indigo Sagala and Kat Walker. The catchy sound track from Fresh Prince of Bel Air opens the space and the dancers are set in numerous tableaux positions. Dressed in 90’s street clothing the performers respect the hip-hop culture through their grooves and swag. Full of vibrancy the dancers bring back signature dance movements from well-known hip hop artists such as 2PAC, Usher and the legendary Michael Jackson. Through intricate street dance choreography and well-thought-out formations, the choreographers should be satisfied for entertaining the audience and receiving applause throughout this dance work.

Boys will be boys in Who’s In Control choreographed by Taniora Motutere and Chevrolet Mikaere. A creepy yet beautiful solo is performed by Mikaere to open the space and his movement is fluid and ripples from the tip of his head to the tips of his toes. I am stunned by the effortless movements that shakes my creative mindset in wanting more. Joining him on stage is an ensemble of male dancers who share a flair of comedic and fun spirted choreography. We hear the audience laugh as the gang of boys utilize vocal sound effects to accompany their choreography. We see a sequence of chucking and throwing bodies with purpose across the Rangatira stage.

Puzzled brings to stage a fresh new perspective on Identity Dance Company. The authentic style that IDCO has established is still seen but I enjoy watching this fusion of various contemporary dance techniques mixed with their signature robotic dance style. Joshua Cesan is the leader of the pack and the audience is in awe as the dancers grace the stage with diverse street dance abilities, hitting every movement with precision and skill. Khaki green colours are witnessed as the dancers shift the space and offer the audience a way into their own personal identities. There is a disruptive shift from this beautiful fused street dance choreography to a krump section that breaks the uniqueness of Puzzled.

Love, Hope, Faith & Loyalty – The 4 chambers of my soul  Indigo Sagala presents SOUL an autobiographical memoir, of heavenly choreography that resonates in the mind, the soul and the heart. Sagala creates a whole different feel from the previous dance pieces which I appreciate and find it to be refreshing coming from Identity Dance Company. Various projections represent the 4 chambers and introduce the strong dancers who portray each section with stunning street dance skill and performance. We witness snow caressing the stage, woman of strong souls, denim waterfalls and subtle hot colours going all in to perform high quality choreography. “Go get the money!’, is imprinted in the audience mind from the concluding sound track, Push It by OT Genesis. I would love to see a further development of this work in the near future.

To conclude the evening Identity Dance Company gifts the audience with The Jam. Dynamic movements, precise street dance skill, and Josh Cesan’s signature robotic machine choreography is implemented throughout the piece.

There is a hugely talented and passionate cohort of amazing dancers hailing from Identity Dance Company and I am excited to witness the new generation of dancers break out and express their ideas through movement.


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