Shanghai Goons

Dog with Two Tails, 25 Moray Place, Dunedin

22/03/2023 - 25/03/2023

Dunedin Fringe Festival 2023

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Roland Mirabueno
Gerard Dougherty

This is NOT a stand-up comedy, it’s a comedy showdown between Dunedin comic, Gerard Dougherty, and Filipino act, Roland Mirabueno. Come along for some banter on colliding world views, culture, and more, dubbed the Shanghai Goons. The unlikely pair of comedians are both regulars on the local and international comedy scene.
Expect a lively hour with both comedians sharing the stage to debate (un)important stuff and improvised banter with audience members.
“Roland and I will have a good time riffing and improvising together,” says Gerard. “The show is all about having a good time with the audience.”
“Gerard is my exact opposite on stage,” says Roland. “He is a white, straight, progressive, calm man. It makes for some pretty interesting clashes.”


Cost: $20
Venue: Dog with Two Tails
Time: 7 PM

Roland Mirabueno
Gerard Dougherty

Comedy , Theatre ,

60 minutes

Cowboy Camaraderie

Review by Reuben Crimp 25th Mar 2023

Two local Ōtepoti Dunedin comedians, Gerard Dougherty and Roland Mirabueno, showcase their Fringe Festival Show, Shanghai Goons. The night is a highly interactive experience brimming with witty banter and story telling that transforms an audience of strangers into old friends at a lively house party.

Upon entering, Gerard and Roland made us feel very welcome as they mingled with the punters, forging friendships and engaging in playful conversation. The show’s official start is unmistakable as the classic Ennio Morricone track “The Ecstasy of Gold”, builds tension while the two comedians circle each other like a sheriff and outlaw settling an age-old rivalry. Using their microphones as six-shooter revolvers, the tension in the room peaks as the two mic-slingers deftly transition their dramatic shootout into casual chit-chat.

On the night we attended some audience members were reluctant to join in, but the comedians’ charisma quickly won everyone over. It was refreshing to experience crowd work that didn’t resort to disrespectful roasting. Instead, it fostered genuine connections that had the entire crowd laughing together as friends. We met a couple who self-identify as “Ozzie-bogans”, a local nurse who quipped “you win some, you lose some”, and Tony the train engineer, who denied any involvement in sabotaging a high-speed locomotive for Butch Cassidy.

Due to the crowd work section running overtime, we only saw Gerard’s solo performance, but fortune smiled upon us, as we were able to catch Roland Mirabueno at the Late Night Lineup later that evening.

Forget the gym. Gerard Dougherty’s comedy will give you an ab workout from laughing. Gerard weaves jokes into personal and heartfelt stories of his friends and family, including one anecdote of his father’s endearing yet peculiar gesture of paternal love, and many more featuring his coworkers, his girlfriend, his mother, and their pet dogs, Millie and Raisin.

While Dougherty is a hilarious storyteller, Roland Mirabueno revels in satire. He spoke at length about the cultural differences between Aotearoa and the Philippines, like the gentrification of his own diet. He shared incisive perspectives on race, sexuality, governance, terrorism, and the profound cultural significance of Dunedin’s vape shop next to another vape shop. Mirabueno’s comedy is equally thought-provoking and hilarious.

The dynamic duo of Gerard Dougherty and Roland Mirabueno delivered a raucous night to remember. Their unique comedic styles complemented each other perfectly, creating an atmosphere of laughter, camaraderie, and magical moments of genuine fun. If you haven’t yet experienced either of these two comedians, be sure to seek them out whenever you can.


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