Court Theatre Pub Charity Studio, Christchurch

05/03/2014 - 15/03/2014

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Comedy madness for the whole family! 

All the improvised hilarity of Scared Scriptless, but at an earlier, family friendly time. Now you can bring Grandma and little Timmy to see your favourite comedy troupe without having to pay for months of counselling afterwards… 

THE EARLY EARLY LATE SHOW will play in the
Pub Charity Studio at The Court Theatre 
6 – 9 March, 7pm
13 – 15 March, 7pm
seating is General Admission.

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Warm enthusiastic fun

Review by Erin Harrington 07th Mar 2014

Where the Court Theatre’s long-running improvised comedy show Scared Scriptless provides late night entertainment twice a week, this year’s iteration of The Early Early Late Show is billed as ‘family friendly’ – that is, much less innuendo, no naughty swears, and a start time which means that everyone who has an early bedtime, or who prefers a milo (or a whisky) in the evening rather than an outing to the theatre, can get in on the action.

It’s worth emphasising that ‘family friendly’ in this instance isn’t code for ‘kids’ show with broad appeal’ – in fact, on opening night the range of ages in the audience went from single digits to (maybe?) late eighties.

The show is something of an introduction to improvised theatre. The cast of Court Jesters – Jared Corbin, Elsie Edgerton-Till, Kathleen Burns, Ben Allan, and accompanist Matt Everingham – work their way through a series of improv staples: a crime endowment scene, a madrigal, a game of pop-up storybook, and so on.

Each player takes turns at directing scenes, and each develops a strong character and a good rapport with the audience. Of course, these are all seasoned performers, and the quality of the show reflects the skills and professionalism of the troupe.

In this instance, though, the accidental stars are two young boys, aged maybe 8 and 10, who are perched in the front row and whose eager offers are generously received and catered to by the players. My lady-date and I find the whole thing really endearing; she goes home hoping to convince her family to make the trip in.

The show takes place in the Court Theatre’s studio theatre, and the minimal set – some stools and a large threadbare rug – gives the piece a sense of domestic intimacy.

For those who might me be new to improv, the show is a warm and enthusiastic introduction to the form. For those more seasoned audience members, it’s all the fun of Scriptless without the rude bits. 


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