The Paul Ego Comeback Special

Cadbury Crunchie Comedy Chamber, Auckland

12/05/2009 - 16/05/2009

NZ International Comedy Festival 2007-09, 2013

Production Details

Paul Ego finally returns to rock the NZ International Comedy Festival this May – with a brand new show promising great stories, stupid ideas and some drop-dead-gorgeous songs!

You may know him as ‘Producer’ Paul from The Rock’s Morning Rumble, but nearly a decade ago Paul Ego was a standup comedy heavyweight champion – winning the Billy T Comedy Award and hosting Pulp Comedy on TV.

Yes, back in 2000 Paul Ego was literally the biggest thing hitting our comedy stages – and now it’s time to come back!

In his first full length show in nine years, Paul the radio guy returns to the stage to talk the talk and croon his way back to the top.

"This show is all about getting back to being the comedian…..AND the singer," says Paul.  "I have always loved how those big stage musicals crowbar a song into the story at pivotal moments – so that’s what I’m gonna do at random points in this show, let the tunes do the talking."

Paul Ego’s Comeback Special is brimming with brilliant new musings – including a hilarious look into the "comeback" as a concept – those who’ve done it successfully, those who really shouldn’t have bothered.

"Paul Ego has enormous charm and a lovely mellow voice, especially when he pays tribute to The Crooners, singing a catalogue of diseases in the style of Dean Martin that is as sweet as any love song" (NZ Herald).

It’s THE PAUL EGO COMEBACK SPECIAL. Where were you when Ego made his Comeback?

Dates:  Tues 12 – Sat 16 May, 7pm
Venue:  The Cadbury Crunchie Comedy Chamber, Auckland Town Hall THE EDGE®
Tickets:  Adults $25 Conc. $15 Groups 10+ $15
Bookings:  Ph: 0800 BUY TICKETS (0800 289-842) Web: 

Outlet:  Aotea Centre, THE EDGE®, Queen Street, Auckland

Fascination plus crooning

Review by Joanna Davies 13th May 2009

Paul Ego was the winner of the Billy T Comedy Award in 2000 and there wasn’t a Kiwi comedy show, televised or otherwise, where he wasn’t seen. After a nine-year break (possibly because late-night comedy gigs don’t mix well with early-morning breakfast radio starts), he’s back.

What prompted his return? It might have been comments like "aren’t you that guy who used to be funny?" and "didn’t you used to be a comedian?", or perhaps he’s recapturing his youth. Either way, it’s a good thing.

The show’s a little bit cabaret – a little Vegas if you will – and anything that has a mirror ball is a hit in my books. Paul was introduced by the show’s producer, Rhys Darby (who was present in voice only) and he kicked things off with a song.

Paul has a great singing voice (boy, can he croon), but sadly the venue’s acoustics swallowed some of the lyrics. It took a while for him to find his groove, but he relaxed into things with material about his family, made astute observations about how you realise you’re getting on a bit, and had a terrific rapport with his audience.

At times the show felt less like comedy and more as though I was being drawn into a fascinating story. He was entertaining, insightful and at times controversial – which prompted applause from one or two misogynists in the audience. To be fair "misogynist" might be a tad harsh – let’s go with brow-beaten but emboldened.

I thoroughly enjoyed my hour with Paul. It was a relaxed opening night, he was in his element and I predict his performance will become even sharper during the week.

Paul, it’s good to have you back.
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