San Francisco Bathhouse, 171 Cuba St, Wellington

05/05/2022 - 05/05/2022

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Wellington is getting all the laughs this May with an outrageous line-up comedy right in the heart of the capital! The Wellington Comedy Club is bringing your comedy faves to San Fran in the windy city throughout May. The Wellington Comedy Club has been the starting point for so many performers – Taika, Flight of the Conchords, and Ben Hurley – who’s going to be next?

Starting on Thursday 5 May with the crackup Tony Lyall MCing the night. Tony is originally from the Marlborough Sounds and has been spotted on The Project, the 2021 Best Foods Comedy Gala, and down the Basin for a spot of cricket. Hot on Tony’s heels in this line-up is Sera Devcich, whose relatable comedy got her a sold-out show at the 2021 Intl Comedy Festival. 2016 Raw Comedy Quest winner and regular on the Wellington comedy scene, Lucy Roche follows Sera in the line-up. Rounding out the night is Rhian Wood-Hill who you might have seen walking 500 miles to a Proclaimers concert to raise money for Lifeline, and Kris Beattie, all the way from Kent, UK, who is wondering if he should quit his day job as an intermediate school teacher to pursue his comedy career.

The second night of iconic comedy is on Thursday 12 May and MCing the line-up is Pax Assadi whose content is making waves across screens with his new Prime TV show, Raised by Refugees. Next up in the line-up is New Yorker Neil Thornton, a regular host at Wellington Pride Festival and Bear New Zealand Week (and we’re not talking about in the wilderness!) Following Neil is Lesa Macleod-Whiting, a regular on Wellington’s comedy circuit and winner of Best Newcomer at 2020 Wellington Comedy Awards. Last, but not least, is 2020 Wellington Raw Comedy Quest finalist Jak Mitchell who mingles comedy with his studies in Theatre, Philosophy, and Gender and Sexuality studies.

The final Thursday in a month full of comedy on 19 May will be MC’ed by one of the leading lights in comedy in Aotearoa and 7 Days regular, Justine Smith who you may recognise as the host of the 2022 Best Foods Comedy Gala. Next up on the line-up is the legendary improv duo Dads on the Town, made up of Greg Ellis and Steven Youngblood whose dad jokes will have you in stitches or rolling your eyes.Finishing the evening is Wellington comedy staple Miranda Camden who’ll be bringing her unapologetic style of comedy, which is a pretty amazing feat for a Canadian.   

“We’re really looking forward to bringing back the Wellington Comedy Club to San Fran. We’ve hosted some great shows over the years, here’s to many more.” –Ziggy Ziya, co-owner of San Fran on returning to live shows.

So kick back, relax, and get ready to laugh your socks off with Wellington Comedy Club’s May line-ups.

San Fran, 171 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

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Thursday 5th May 2022
Tony Lyall MC, Sera Devcich, Lucy Roche, Rhian Wood-Hill, Kris Beattie

Thursday 12th May 2022
Pax Assadi, Neil Thornton, Lesa Macleod-Whiting, Jak Mitchell

Thursday 19th May 2022
Justine Smith, Dads on the Town, Miranda Camden

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Entertaining, a little challenging, lots of laughs

Review by Wesley Hollis 07th May 2022

If the week seems to be dragging by, and you’re not sure how you’re going to make it through to the weekend, don’t worry! The Wellington Comedy Club is coming to the rescue on a Thursday at Wellington’s renowned San Fran venue. This invigorating night of comedy will give you the boost you need. There’s a great line up of different comics every week, and I find I have the pleasure of attending the show on the fifth of May which stars MC Tony Lyall and features Lucy Roche, Rhian Wood-Hill, Danny Sewell and Sera Devcich.

As patrons get settled at their tables with a glass of wine, Tony Lyall is welcomed on stage to applause and flashing lights. It doesn’t take long for him to win over the crowd. Clearly comfortable as an MC, he warms us up with a few questions and gets good engagement right away before launching into his stand-up routine.

Throughout the evening he delivers some great topical material, anecdotes and a bit of physical comedy as well. His performance is charismatic and cheeky, contrasted with the occasional aggressive stance on something quickly followed with an apology and a laugh. He does a great job of welcoming each act and encouraging an enthusiastic response from the audience. Between the acts, his routines ensure that the vibrant energy of the night never dips.

The first feature act is Lucy Roche. She has a slightly quieter style, and her comedy is personal and impactful. She is able to tell a story in such a way that every sentence gets a laugh while building towards the bigger picture. She touches on life experiences such as dating and has some good commentary on subjects like religion. While there is some mention of uncomfortable and adult topics, her approach to this always has the audience on her side, with a little incredulous laughter.

Rhian Wood-Hill is the next act to step up, and while he professes to be an anxious person I see nothing but the confidence of an experienced performer. There are some great anecdotes in his act, and even some lullabies with hard hitting social commentary. I enjoy how many of his stories start out small and escalate into something more outrageous. Much of his material gets a good groan as well as a laugh. I find Rhian’s act to be one of the highlights of the night.

After a short break, the next act up is Danny Sewell. He has a dry style of comedy with some observations, a little self-depreciation and a bit of audience interaction. There are a few edgier jokes that I feel don’t fit well with the set, but nothing terribly upsetting. While this is a shorter part of the show and doesn’t get the biggest laughs of the night, there are some jokes that have an excellent ‘slow burn’ quality to them and I appreciate that Danny seems to be having a genuinely good time on stage.

Sera Devcich is the last act to take to the stage. She has some particularly strong opening material, leading into anecdotes about her life and her family and some good gross out material and dirty stories. There is a fair bit of audience interaction, with Sera asking some good questions, though some of the responses seem to fall flat. The set seems to be the longest of the night, and I think it could have been improved by being a little shorter and punchier. Nevertheless, Sera is a wonderful comic with a friendly and affable tone, and a great ability to laugh at herself and her own life experiences.

Overall, the Wellington Comedy Club delivers an excellent evening of comedy. I’ve enjoyed being introduced to some great comics that will undoubtedly be keeping tabs on the Wellington comedy scene. If you want to spend your Thursday night being entertained, possibly challenged a little and laughing along to some incredible experienced comics, then this show is for you. Bring your family, bring your friends, and make sure you book in advance so you don’t miss out.


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