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The Emperors New Clothes and The Ugly Duckling


06/07/2009 - 18/07/2009

"Special love and sparkling fun..

Little Blonde Hen


11/06/2009 - 14/06/2009

"A voyeuristic peek..

Dai Henwood is Shabba!

Wellington, Auckland

15/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"Giving 100%..

"Accessible style, great sense of humour..

The Pied Piper of Hamilton


16/05/2009 - 24/05/2009

"Extreme characters and physical tom-foolery..

She Stoops to Conquer


02/05/2009 - 23/05/2009

"Theatricality to the fore..

"Passions of youth swing to late ’50s styles and sounds..

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Tale of a Dog

Auckland, Tauranga

20/04/2009 - 30/11/2009

"A neat little package..

"Enjoyed in a well-behaved way..

Heroic Faun Number One

Auckland, Wellington

19/03/2009 - 05/03/2011

"Clash of ego, ambition, fear and vulnerability..

"One-man faun tale goes the extra mile..

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Conspiracy 911


03/03/2009 - 04/03/2009

"Light-hearted gloss on darker threads of conspiracy hysteria..

Asian Tales™: Native Alienz


12/02/2009 - 21/02/2009

"Poignant flavour to seven appetisers of home-grown Asian theatre..

"Life is simply very complicated..

Daddy’s Home


23/09/2008 - 04/10/2008

"Highly recommended..

"Uncomplicated entertainment..

The Play About The Baby


27/08/2008 - 02/09/2008

"Surreal take on real concepts palatably presented..

Cinderella On Ice

Wellington, Auckland

11/07/2008 - 26/07/2008

"A unique chance to celebrate timelessness..

"Fabulous ballet on ice one of the hottest shows in town..

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Grant Lobban in Laugh You Long Time


07/05/2008 - 10/05/2008

"Insane and twisted but hilarious..

Dave Wiggins is 100% HUMAN, 0% WHALE (USA/NZ)


06/05/2008 - 10/05/2008

"A very human blend..

The Ethnic Ultimatum


30/04/2008 - 03/05/2008

"Guaranteed laughter..

Mark Watson: Can I Briefly Talk To You About The Point Of Life? (UK)


29/04/2008 - 03/05/2008

"Instantly engaging; damn funny..

Anton’s Women


27/02/2008 - 08/03/2008

"Secrets and memories of Dalmatian migrant’s life..

"Big secrets revealed..

The Cape


08/02/2008 - 01/03/2008

"Short and sweet and funny..

"Road trip never gets out of first gear..

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