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The Intricate Art of Actually Caring

Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth, Hastings, Hamilton, Wanaka

10/02/2009 - 28/06/2012

"On the road again..

"Deliciously laconic, funny and captivating..

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Wolf’s Lair

Wellington, Auckland

26/02/2009 - 12/12/2009

"You have to see it..

"Guilt-driven portrait..

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A Most Outrageous Humbug


20/02/2009 - 29/05/2009

"A scintillating and impassioned homage..

"Memorable theatre on many levels..

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13/02/2009 - 07/05/2009

"Greater clarity and polish in cheery hour of cultural stereotyping..

"An enjoyable way to spend an hour..

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Self Portrait

Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin

10/02/2009 - 03/04/2009

"Intriguing if a bit too explicit..

"Self-portraits of an artist danced..

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Drowning Bird, Plummeting Fish

Wellington, Dunedin

11/02/2009 - 04/04/2009

"Wondrous, exciting, demanding, unfathomable, unmissable..

"Ambitious and dangerous..

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The Minister’s Son

Dunedin, Auckland, Wellington

19/02/2009 - 04/04/2009

"Warm, humorous yet honest portrayal of a still taboo subject..

"Bad night?..

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Post Gay

Auckland, Wellington

25/02/2009 - 13/03/2009

"Good subject matter not well handled..

"Limited abilities..

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