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Drowning in Veronica Lake

Hamilton, Wellington, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Auckland, Dunedin

22/02/2011 - 23/02/2016

"This is what magnificent theatre looks like..

"The Fame Monster..

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Mates & Lovers

Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Hamilton

17/11/2010 - 30/06/2012

"Universal resonance..

"Entertaining, informative and moving..

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Nelson, Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin

01/03/2011 - 22/04/2012

"Enjoyably engaging and thought provoking..

"A New Creation Myth..

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Chocolate Zucchini Cookies


26/03/2011 - 26/03/2011

"A the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon...

Something Worth Seeing?


26/03/2011 - 26/03/2011

"Poetic smell of sunshine, sweaty clothes, and spicy foods..

The Real New Zealand Tour


24/03/2011 - 25/03/2011

"The Triple A and RTDs..


Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin

26/04/2010 - 25/03/2011

"A marvellous, fully developed and loveable character..

"Popular festival favourite and rightly so..

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Capturing Other


23/03/2011 - 26/03/2011

"A vertical expression of a horizontal desire..

Irene Pink and Justine Smith in I’m Sorry I said That


23/03/2011 - 26/03/2011

"Brilliant, laugh out loud funny, thoughtful, insightful, a little bit (actually hugely) dirty..

Matiaha Paku - Top to Tail

Wellington, Dunedin

22/02/2011 - 26/03/2011

"Quirky take on history bobs above the numb bum line..

"A struggle..

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