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[Editor’s note: Jennifer Shennan is a dancer, choreographer, dance writer and teacher, and historian. ]

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Gathering Clouds

Auckland, Wellington

05/03/2009 - 28/03/2009

"The Pacific experience..

"Bach goes nicely with Pacific Grace..

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The Rodwell Monologues


28/02/2009 - 07/03/2009

"Romping, roaring aplomb..

Self Portrait

Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin

10/02/2009 - 03/04/2009

"Intriguing if a bit too explicit..

"Self-portraits of an artist danced..

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Into the Looking Glass


07/02/2009 - 14/02/2009

"Dancing to Lewis Carroll’s Tune..

"The blurry line between dreams and reality..



19/12/2008 - 20/12/2008

"Crazy camp ground for refugees of the imagination..

"Fascinating intrigue in a theatre of imagery..

New Zealand School of Dance Graduation Season 08


19/11/2008 - 29/11/2008

"Feast for dance fans..

"Showcasing new talent..

Here, Now


21/11/2008 - 22/11/2008

"Mapping time and space..

"Presenting the past: three works with further development potential..

Don Quixote (2008)


31/10/2008 - 08/11/2008

"Trimmer triumphs (on & off stage) as old warhorse gets new life..

"Wit, flamboyance and flamenco offset the score’s relentless symmetry..

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Tierra Flamenca

Wellington, Auckland

16/10/2008 - 17/10/2008

"Stirring and exhilarating..

"Milagro! Milagro!..


Wellington, Auckland

01/10/2008 - 19/10/2008

"Artist pitches Tent on solid ground..

"Silence with intent intensifies; void/avoidance pervades..

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Christchurch, New Plymouth, Wellington, Dunedin

10/03/2008 - 14/09/2013

"Funny, touching, joyous, beautiful, accessible, stunning …..

"A rare cool..

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Sacred Monsters


07/03/2008 - 08/03/2008

"Dancing from the heart’s interior..

"A formidable team..

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21/02/2008 - 25/02/2008

"Youthful, unpretentious and pleasant..

"Succulent and accomplished dancers; fledgling choreographers..

Dark Tourists


20/02/2008 - 24/02/2008

"Ensemble cast of stars creates a galaxy of images..

"Emotional footprints..

Dance Highlights 2007


10/01/2008 - 10/01/2008

"Looking back with pleasure and forward in keen anticipation..

New Zealand School of Dance 40th Anniversary


09/11/2007 - 10/11/2007

"High standard fitting tribute..

"Excellence in every genre – but what defines it as the New Zealand School of Dance?..

Touch Compass - National Tour


13/11/2007 - 15/11/2007

"Touching the Compass that's our Heart..



14/10/2007 - 14/10/2007

"Masterful show of Indian dance..

Swan Lake

Palmerston North, Napier, Dunedin, Auckland, Wellington

25/05/2007 - 24/06/2007

"Making the world a kinder, better place..

"Back to the future with a new view of classical ballet..

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Amata - Black Grace

Wellington, Auckland

21/03/2007 - 21/04/2007

"Making new marks: time to rebrand?..

"Powerful stuff behind Ieremia’s struggle..

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