Ammar Sultan Al-Maani

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Ammar Sultan Al-Maani is a theatre PhD student at Massey University. He moved from Jordan to New Zealand to pursue his doctoral project on Postcolonial Arab Theatre of Trauma and Resistance. He studied arts in English at the Hashemite University and University of North Florida and proceeded to work in a dynamic academic and teaching environment, linking students with English and Arab cultures, languages, and arts.

Ammar is a recipient of a Fullbright Language Teaching Award, the author of 11/9 Short-Play, the co-filmmaker of Positioned by the River: A Short Documentary Film, a translator of some publications, and a monthly columnist for some Arabic newspapers (including Alrai, Addustor and Alanbat).

In his free time, Ammar loves to go walking or swimming with his wife Amanie and his two kids.


Ammar Sultan Al-Maani's reviews

Fire In The Water, Fire In The Sky


13/06/2017 - 17/06/2017

"A Stab in the Waist of Life:..

"A Silent Flame..

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