Brigid Rennell

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Brigid Rennell is a writer who lives in Akaroa and contributes to the local paper, The Akaroa Mail, on a regular basis. 

She has a background in education and has worked in schools as a drama teacher and behaviour consultant in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and more recently in governance.
Brigid has an LTCL in Speech and Drama from Trinity College, London and a BA in English Literature and History from the University of Canterbury. She has been involved in performance since a young age and was involved in Fringe Theatre as a writer and director. 

She continues to teach performance to young people and has established the Gaiety Players housed in the beautiful Gaiety Theatre in Akaroa to provide this opportunity to the community. 

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10/12/2019 - 14/12/2019

"Impressive blend of musical styles, languages, comedy, emotion and heartache..

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01/02/2019 - 27/02/2019

"National comedy treasures..

"They make us think as well as laugh..

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