Diane Spodarek

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Diane Spodarek is a Canadian-American poet, playwright, artist, actor and musician. She has had an NEA artist’s fellowship, a Michigan Council for the Arts award for performance art, three New York Foundation for the Arts Artist’s Fellowships, (video art and literature), and a Jane Chambers award for one of her plays. She worked in New Zealand for some years.


Diane Spodarek's reviews

Ruthie Bird and the King of Hearts


29/02/2008 - 08/03/2008

"It speaks to the audience about our humanity..

"Dramatic tension missing #2..

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Zarathustra Said


26/02/2008 - 27/02/2008

"‘Death song’ full of joy and sex..

"Colourful, side-show like spectacle..

The Beckoning of Hope


12/02/2008 - 16/02/2008

"Committed performance cannot make flawed play gel..

"A beautiful testament..

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His Mother's Son

Auckland, Wellington

24/01/2007 - 17/06/2007

"What happens in a drinking house..

"Humorous, intelligent and moving..

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Palmerston North, Wellington

30/11/2006 - 11/04/2009

"A splendidly explored dilemma..

"Winds of change..

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