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21/03/2015 - 22/03/2015

"Calming, thought-provoking, enigmatic, beautiful..



14/03/2015 - 14/03/2015

"Battle culture a masculine affair..


Hamilton, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin

27/09/2014 - 18/03/2015


"From the lowliest of materials, something rich and strange emerges..

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Black Grace presents Xmas Verses (2014)

Auckland, Hamilton

29/10/2014 - 09/11/2014

"Dancers the sparkling stars of Xmas verses..

"Dance that sparkles with freshness, exuberance and wit..


Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington

16/10/2014 - 25/10/2014

"provocation, polemicism, playfulness, physicality..

"Striking, confronting, profound and delightful..

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Allegro: Five Short Ballets

Auckland, Dunedin, Hamilton, Wellington, Invercargill, Napier

05/07/2014 - 23/08/2014

"The pleasures of dancing..

"Audience whooping well deserved..

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Mana Wahine

Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Rotorua, Dunedin, Napier

15/02/2014 - 26/06/2016

"Two years after debut, Mana Wahine still an unforgettable performance..

"Embracing the inherent power of mana wahine as a collective force..

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In Flagrante

Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland, Edinburgh, Scotland, New Plymouth

13/09/2011 - 27/02/2014

"A sense of occasion.. and a hint of critique..

"Discomforting, not challenging; offensive, not provocative..

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22/02/2014 - 24/02/2014

"Intensely atmospheric - the world transformed - anew..

Tutus on Tour (2013)

Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, Dunedin

23/10/2013 - 29/11/2013

"A little something for everyone..

"Cheerful and Lively new Peter and the Wolf..

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Footnote Dance Made in New Zealand 2013

Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland, New Plymouth

09/08/2013 - 15/10/2013

"Beautiful, unsettling and poignant..

"Colt, Carnival Hound and Fatu Na Toto at Tempo..

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Demigod Half-Human

Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton

30/09/2013 - 29/03/2014

"A deep sense of hopelessness..

"Bold and impressive first full-length work..

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