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Once Were Samoans

Auckland, Wellington

22/05/2007 - 28/07/2007

"Heartfelt and hilarious with a moral heart..

"Inspires the most hilarity..

Sam Wills: The Boy with Tape on his Face


21/05/2007 - 26/05/2007

"Sam Wills ‘has’ the audience from start to finish..

"Mad scientist of vaudevillian pranks..

Mark Watson


14/05/2007 - 26/05/2007

"Hardly a dull moment..

Jeremy Elwood - Passport Control

Auckland, Wellington

09/05/2007 - 19/05/2007

"There’s a paradox in there somewhere..

"Very funny and likeable..

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Hot Pink Bits

Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington

14/05/2007 - 12/12/2009

"No place for inhibitions..

"Enlightening, enlivening, amusing..

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05/05/2007 - 19/05/2007

"Musical comedy at its finest..

The Big Show


07/05/2007 - 19/05/2007

"England wins..

"An abundance of titters..