Auckland Fringe 2011

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Reviews of Auckland Fringe 2011 productions

Joseph and Mahina

Wellington, Auckland

19/02/2011 - 28/02/2011


"Delicately subtle..

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Square Eye Pair

Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin

16/02/2011 - 30/06/2012

"The unabridged, annotated, multi-volume series of guidebooks on how to be pathetic..

"Geeks' Eye for the Straight Guy..

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Silent Night

Auckland, Tauranga, Nelson, Hastings, Whangarei, Wellington, Kerikeri

13/12/2010 - 26/11/2016

"Bitter-sweet clarity carries laugh 'til you cry survivor story..

"A beautiful piece of theatre..

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Tea for Toot

Auckland, Wellington

21/05/2010 - 16/07/2011

"Charming and unique..

"A magical and menacing must-see!..

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Whangarei, Christchurch, Wellington, (not a specified venue), Auckland, New Zealand wide

17/02/2006 - 30/08/2013

"A delightful, gentle piece of theatre..

"Eccentrically entertaining quest for fulfilment..

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