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Reviews of productions held in New Plymouth


New Plymouth, Wellington, Auckland, Tauranga

17/04/2012 - 28/02/2015

"Extravaganza of heighted reality profoundly grounded in truth..

"A show for everyone..

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LEO: The Anti-Gravity Show

Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth, Nelson, Tauranga, Wairarapa, Auckland

13/03/2012 - 20/01/2019

"SEE IT!..

"A show of supreme intelligence..

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New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch

08/03/2012 - 01/09/2013

"Magical mayhem..

"Distracted by its own inter-media brilliance..

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Auckland, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton

24/01/2012 - 19/08/2014

"Charming openness and commitment..

"Honest and heart-warming..

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In Flagrante

Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland, Edinburgh, Scotland, New Plymouth

13/09/2011 - 27/02/2014

"A sense of occasion.. and a hint of critique..

"Discomforting, not challenging; offensive, not provocative..

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New Plymouth, Christchurch, Wellington

11/08/2011 - 28/08/2011

"A performance athlete whose like you will not often see..

"Stand not upon the order of your going, but go at once..

Soap The Show

Wellington, New Plymouth, Hastings, Auckland

28/07/2011 - 28/08/2011

"Bathtub antics make a world class splash..

"Impressive but could do with an edit..

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Station to Station

New Plymouth, Hamilton, Nelson, Hastings

16/06/2011 - 13/09/2011

"Pushes boundaries with strong message..

"Darkly funny thought-provoking journey worth taking..

Party with the Aunties

Dunedin, Nelson, , Feilding, Wellington, New Plymouth, Paekākāriki, Christchurch

09/04/2011 - 14/11/2019

"The classic Kiwi shindig, theatricalised..

"A fabulous night that leaves you feeling joyful..

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Drowning in Veronica Lake

Hamilton, Wellington, New Plymouth, Tauranga, Auckland, Dunedin

22/02/2011 - 23/02/2016

"This is what magnificent theatre looks like..

"The Fame Monster..

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The Gruffalo

Hamilton, New Plymouth, Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington

04/09/2010 - 16/09/2010

"Your kids will have a blast..


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Auntie & Me

Auckland, New Plymouth, Christchurch, Wellington, Tauranga

04/08/2010 - 28/08/2010

"Probable perceptions remain unrevealed..


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Stepping Out

New Plymouth, Hamilton, Auckland, Hastings, Tauranga

12/06/2010 - 07/08/2010

"Dance crew tap into night of fun..

"Impossible to leave without a smile..

Grumpy Old Women

Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Whanganui

05/03/2010 - 07/09/2010

"Menopausal hen party cackling fun..

"A good talking to for a laugh..


Wellington, New Plymouth, NYC, USA, Hamilton, Nelson, Auckland & Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Wanaka

11/02/2010 - 03/09/2016

"A gripping experience..

"Love and loss, greed and selflessness, devotion and betrayal..

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New Plymouth, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington

08/07/2009 - 14/07/2013

"The winter of our content..

"Completely enchanting..

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Four Flat Whites In Italy

Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, New Plymouth

11/06/2009 - 01/08/2009

"Kiwi quartet on tour in Italy with all the cultural baggage..

"Funny and insightful with tragic underpinnings..


Hamilton, Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth

02/05/2009 - 16/05/2009

"The laughs keep coming..

"Good story telling..

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WOMAD 2009

New Plymouth

13/03/2009 - 15/03/2009

"More dance components please..

The Intricate Art of Actually Caring

Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth, Hastings, Hamilton, Wanaka

10/02/2009 - 28/06/2012

"On the road again..

"Deliciously laconic, funny and captivating..

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Christchurch, New Plymouth, Wellington, Dunedin

10/03/2008 - 14/09/2013

"Funny, touching, joyous, beautiful, accessible, stunning …..

"A rare cool..

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Ennio Marchetto

New Plymouth, Wellington

01/08/2007 - 18/08/2013

"Cabaret, drag, mime, and vaudeville..

"Celebrity send-up thrills with skill..

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