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Director: Bop Murdoch
Pat-A-Cake Productions

at Wesley Methodist Church Hall, 75 Taranaki Street, Wellington
From 25 Feb 2013 to 28 Feb 2013

Reviewed by:  John Smythe;

Whose Fault line is it anyway?? 

When it's all the fault line's fault and there's no one else to point the finger at, how do we grieve without blame? Red sticker after red sticker sees a whole city sigh for its heritage and cry for its safety- but how does it validate the tiny blessings? In what capacity can our sense of humour survive when our fragile set-ups don't?

We pick up the shattered corners of an uprooted past. We precariously re-stack them. Pat-a-cake them together. Hold our breath and tiptoe away. When it all tumbles down on us we make hopscotch from the debris to keep the chaos at bay one day longer. 

Thin Skin scoops up the silver-lining moments that catch us by surprise, even when the aftershocks don't.

Director Bop Murdoch, a fresh graduate of Victoria University's Theatre programme, has a passion for devised theatre and its ability to keep both the freedom and the relevance of the work alive. With a team of keen devisor- performers, Murdoch puts the ‘playing' into play and attempts to make theatre that is overtly ‘live' in every sense of the word.

“We're excited to take on the challenge of finding the fine line between sensitivity to a lot of suffering and grief, and remembering to celebrate the good that comes from all the bad” says Murdoch.

Informed by personal, truthful and cross-sectional storytelling from Christchurch, Thin Skin finds the meeting point between physical theatre and the community hall atmosphere in a delightfully relevant devised show.

Thin skin is a spontaneous, surprising, and refreshingly undiluted human experience to remind a technologically distracted community that we exist here, in these bodies, in this moment!

We invite you (over a cup of hot milo and fresh baking) to legitimise laughter as a coping mechanism and validate playfulness as quintessential to recovery- or at least rejuvenation.

25th – 28th of February, 7.30pm (Monday- Thursday)
Wesley Community Hall, 75 Taranaki Street, Wellington Central
Tickets: $15 full, $10 concessions, $8 Artist card
Bookings: 0211083184/
(Door sales available – Cash Only)