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Latest Theatre and Performance Reviews
LIFE AND RHYMES OF BILLY MCGRATH at Newtown Community & Cultural Centre, Wellington
reviewed by Maryanne Cathro 2 Mar 2015
Enjoyable music and stories
Billy McGrath greets his audience like old friends, as indeed most of them are. Several are even called forth to join in the music, add more detail to stories, and give opinions. Billy’s Mum gives several opinions unsolicited, which leads to an interesting exchange of views. [more]

YEP, STILL GOT IT! at Circa Two, Wellington
reviewed by Jo Hodgson 2 Mar 2015
Provokes laughter, stillness, applause and cheers
Those who are approaching the retiring age are faced with many a question. Not only, “Do I want to retire?” but, more pertinent, “Can I afford to retire?” In Yep, Still Got It, Jane Keller is faced with this modern dilemma. [more]

LEGENDARY DIVAS at Court Theatre, Bernard Street, Addington, Christchurch
reviewed by Lindsay Clark 1 Mar 2015
Enriches the experience of being human
The exuberant and versatile Ali Harper is no stranger to the stage at The Court and it is no real surprise to learn that she has recently been awarded a prestigious Best Actress award at a New York festival. Loud applause for this generously gifted actress, with an all-enveloping voice that can take us with her no matter what she sings, is a further extension of the celebration of song that she offers. [more]

SOUNDS LIKE KEEN SPIRIT at The Clock Tower, University of Auckland, Auckland
reviewed by Marianne Schultz 1 Mar 2015
The eleven songs in this concert display an eclectic range; from Renaissance compositions, English folk ballads, Elvis Presley hits to twenty-first century pop songs. Opening with an arrangement by Claire Scholes of the iconic 1990s grunge band, Nirvana’s classic Smells Like Teen Spirit, the soprano voices (in the absence of a written programme it is not possible to credit individual singers) provides an ethereal quality to this anthem of teen angst, contrasting with the original intensity of the song. [more]

A SYMPHONY OF SLOTHS at The Audio Foundation, Poynton Terrace, Auckland
reviewed by Jesse Quaid 1 Mar 2015
Delight in slow-motion
As the light dims one slumbering form wakes. Beginning with the glass harp the trio of performers layer simple and sustained tones into a rich and textured body of sound. Fricative buzzing and squeaking break the consistency and the piece evolves into beautifully wacky burbling. The artists have obviously spent quite some time playing with the various instruments, allowing for effectively unorthodox sounds to be produced. [more]

THE MENAGERIE at Fringe Bar, 26 Allen St, Wellington
reviewed by Deirdre Tarrant 1 Mar 2015
Weird, wacky and wonderful
Standout act of the evening for me was the solo stand up comedy of Jacob Chandrahasen He was perfect- witty and humorous with a great line in comfortable audience communication. He told stories that connected both to laugh at but also with a reality that hit home. My favourites were the 200 grams of cheese and the Shrewsbury biscuits! You will have to go find him and hear him to maybe get it! You maybe just had to be there! [more]

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A PLAY UPON WORDS at Ponsonby Baptist Church, 43 Jervois Road, Auckland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 1 Mar 2015
Beauty, wit and potent metaphors
A Play Upon Words was one of my random picks for this year’s Auckland Fringe 2015 – and I couldn’t have asked for a better evening to close what has been three weeks of intense theatrical activity. For those who aren’t familiar with their work, Affetto are an exceptional group of musicians and performers specialising in Early Modern Music, and their programming is rich, ingenious and uplifting. [more]

SUDDENLY SHAKESPEARE 2015 at Gryphon, Wellington
reviewed by Shannon Friday 1 Mar 2015
Fun for die-hard Shakespeare nerds
With Suddenly Shakespeare, my big question is, “Who is this show for?” The blurb in the programme says “Wanna do Shakespeare?” and “Wanna watch people do Shakespeare with no rehearsal?” This sets up an impossible set of pressures, and ones that work explicitly at cross-purposes. [more]

WIT’S WORLDWIDE WELLINGTON TOUR at Little Theatre, Library Bldg, Lower Hutt
reviewed by Tess Jamieson-Kahara 1 Mar 2015
Enough gold moments to keep us smiling
Despite being able to count the audience members on my fingers and toes, there’s a warm unapologetic welcome into the theatre. First by the musician playing the keyboard to set a quirky atmosphere then the MC, boisterously taking us through how the evening works. [more]

SQUIRREL at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
reviewed by Nik Smythe 1 Mar 2015
Complex narrative punctuated with gentle visual spectacle
Written by Nicole Steven, as inspired by her own experiences living in China through her formative years, Squirrel begins as nine year old Dara (Steven) and her seven year old sister Annie (Alice Pierce) prepare to return to China after several years living in their mother’s native country here in New Zealand. [more]

BAKER & WRIGHT LIVE! at Gryphon, Wellington
reviewed by Patrick Davies 1 Mar 2015
Relaxing fun
Jarrod Baker and Adam Wright have been podcasting for around two years and have now embarked on their first live podcast, which appears on the ’net later that night. It’s an amiable affair with a very laid back atmosphere which is very relaxing and fun. [more]

THE RIVER TALKS at Pt England Reserve, 122 Elstree Ave, Glen Innes, Auckland
reviewed by Lexie Matheson 1 Mar 2015
Unique and fascinating theatre with a message
“Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au." The whakatauki above, translated into English, says ‘I am the river and the river is me’ and it underpins this highly effective promenade-style environmental journey. [more]

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24 Feb 2015 - ELI KENT AWARDED INAUGURAL AUCKLAND THEATRE COMPANY PATRONS’ PLAYWRIGHT FELLOWSHIP Auckland Theatre Company (ATC) is thrilled to announce Eli Kent has been awarded the inaugural Auckland Theatre Company Patrons’ Playwright Fellowship prize. Eli is one of New Zealand’s most exciting and original playwrights. His first play Rubber Turkey, written when he was just 19, earned him the Peter Harcourt Award for Outstanding New Playwright of the Year at the 2008 Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards. The Intricate Art of Actually Caring, originally presented by Eli and his mate Jack Shadboltin his Mount Victoria bedroom, went on to tour throughout New Zealand and won Best Theatre in the NZ Fringe Festival 2009 and the Montana Award for the Most Original Production at the 2009 Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards.   [more]

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