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Latest Theatre and Performance Reviews
STRANGE RESTING PLACES at Assemby, George Square, Edinburgh, Scotland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 21 Aug 2014
Beautifully constructed, creative and engaging
The tales told highlight the new friendships formed between many of the Maori and local Italians, the tragedy that the nearby monastery was bombed when there were only civilians taking refuge within its walls and, on a fundamentally human level, the fact that language and culture are not limitations to our understanding of the world – rather they create spaces to build new relationships that relocate our perspective outside our often myopic vision. [more]

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MUNTED at 4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth
reviewed by Holly Shanahan 21 Aug 2014
Charming openness and commitment
The appeal of this piece is in its simplicity. Bare Hunt Collective present these stories / interviews as they were told, switching between characters and stories to create snapshot impressions of the different experiences of those involved or affected by one of NZ’s worst natural disasters. [more]

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ON THE UPSIDE-DOWN OF THE WORLD at Assembly, Roxy, Edinburgh, Scotland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 21 Aug 2014
Interrogating multiple selves
It is always her version of history – more appropriately 'herstory' – that we are invited to listen to and it is through her lens that we become witnesses to a tale fraught with the challenges of immigration to a new land: two completely different value systems in conflict and a maternal tenderness that locates this story very firmly within the female and feminised world. [more]

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SUNSET ROAD at Q Theatre Loft, 305 Queen St, Auckland
reviewed by Vanessa Byrnes 21 Aug 2014
Clarity, mystery and presence
It’s the opening night of a new New Zealand play* and my companion and I enter with great expectations. This is a beautifully produced work with an expert team from Tawata Productions behind it. Miria George’s new play promises much in its anticipation, but for my money doesn’t really deliver the punch it seeks. [more]

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ALLEGRO: FIVE SHORT BALLETS at Civic Theatre, Invercargill
reviewed by Kasey Dewar 21 Aug 2014
Audience whooping well deserved
The final performance of the night is Megalopolis, also choreographed by Larry Keigwin. The costume designs are by Fritz Mason and are by far my favourite of the night – each dancer’s costume is different and features a combination of black, sparkles and an amazing looking wetsuit-like grey material. The scene is so well conveyed in this piece – fluoro bar lights on the back wall mimic a club atmosphere and the bright light works well to hide the dancers gathering at the back of the stage. The dancing pitches blocks of very formal group movement to Steve Reich’s Six Marimbas contrasted against blasting club songs by MIA with sassy finger waggling individuals. It’s easy to see the dancers are having fun with this piece – I couldn’t see one dancer who wasn’t into all the shimmying and flourishing which was awesome. This piece is the perfect way to end the evening’s performance on a high and the applause and whooping from the audience was well deserved at the end. [more]

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TAKE BACK THE HOOD at BATS Theatre (Out Of Site), Cnr Cuba & Dixon, Wellington
reviewed by Sophie Melchior 20 Aug 2014
Personal and powerful insight
Little Red Riding Hood is pissed off and she isn’t going to take it any more. From the moment that Deborah Eve Rea takes the stage as Little Red Riding Hood you know that this isn’t a soft interpretation of the classic fairy tale. Red has taken to the road to make sure the truth about her story gets out. [more]

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EDINBURGH FRINGE 2014 WRAP #2 at Various Fringe venues, Edinburgh, Scotland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 20 Aug 2014
Illuminating; Frustratingly safe; A clipped classic; Powerful interrogation
RACE by David Mamet Race has had many different iterations. Audiences may be familiar with the London, Broadway or the South Africa productions (and there are others as well) but this year's Fringe reincarnation as part of the South African season is different – and once again adds to the list a rather unique rendition of how we engage, explore and debate race. [more]

DOG at The Basement, Lower Greys Ave, Auckland
reviewed by Stephen Austin 20 Aug 2014
Heart-breaking and sobering situational comedy
... writer Ben Hutchison has meticulously created a socially conscious realist comedy that’s as concerned with its wider themes as it is with the welfare of the day-to-day workings of the inner lives of its three characters. Out of disparate, oddly paired people, he crafts a story that packs plenty of emotional wallop in its tail, while never going overboard on the sentimental. In fact it’s just the right balance of well-observed Kiwi naturalism, packed full of sub-text that director Jeff Szusterman taps into to pull it all together with excellent purpose and detail, making this emotionally engrossing work sing so well. [more]

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CHOICE!! at Meteor Theatre, Hamilton
reviewed by Ross MacLeod 17 Aug 2014
Darkly surreal
There’s the brightly coloured, multi layered set, packed to the brim like a hidden object puzzle. There’s the hyperactive, exaggerated characters in weird costumes going about over-the-top renditions of everyday life. There’s the surreal drift between scenes. And there’s the message – here one of consumerism – ever present but most of the time held back from feeling heavy handed by sharp writing and strong performances. [more]

HAIRSPRAY at SKYCITY Theatre, Auckland
reviewed by Kate Ward-Smythe 17 Aug 2014
Fun-filled upbeat entertainment in a can
While my 10 and 11-year-old companions adore Hairspray from start to finish, and are captivated by the costumes and larger than life characters, for me it is a rare moment of pathos that will resonate louder and longer than all other offerings. Lavina Williams’ gospel lament ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’ is heartfelt, vocally stunning and wins the night. [more]

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TAKI MAORI HAKA EXPERIENCE at Dance Base, Edinburgh, Scotland
reviewed by Dione Joseph 17 Aug 2014
Playful and whimsical
Produced by Mika and Jay Tewake, the Taki Maori Haka Experience is not a tourist export, although it is clearly developed for an international audience. It is playful, whimsical and very whanua (family) orientated, welcoming children and adults to engage and experience Maori culture in an informal setting. [more]

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29 Jul 2014 - TIMON OF ATHENS auditions, Wellington, 13 & 14/9 New Zealand's first production of Shakespeare's Timon of Athens in 150 years! Want to know how a city’s most popular and successful man can end up bankrupt and destitute? The Summer Shakespeare Trust is thrilled to announce that 2015’s Victoria University of Wellington Summer Shakespeare will be Timon of Athens, directed by Brett Adam, Head of Directing at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School.   [more]

27 Jul 2014 - The Bacchanals are taking Dean Parker's ONCE WE BUILT A TOWER to the South Island The Bacchanals are a multi-award winning company based in Wellington, dedicated to exploring text-based theatre, redefining classic works, and ensuring that theatre remains a place for social, spiritual, political and psychological debate. The Bacchanals believe that theatre should be accessible to all - economically, intellectually and geographically - and that audiences should be able to access theatre outside of the main centres.   [more]

21 Jul 2014 - ELIZABETH O'CONNOR 1956-2014 It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Elizabeth O’Connor, a theatre stalwart of Christchurch, a valued teacher, scholar, dramaturge, Literary Manager at the Court Theatre and a sometime reviewer for Theatreview and Radio NZ.   [more]

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