March 13, 2024

Are you a playwright under the age of 25 who takes risks and throws care to the wind? Or do you write strong, conventional plays with a gripping plot? Well, Playwrights b4 25 is for you.

Playwrights b4 25 has a proven track record of nurturing young writers to successful seasons of their work. Previous winners include Nathan Joe, Jess Sayer, Talia Pua, Te Huamanuka Luiten-Apirana, Sam Brooks and Courtney Rose Brown. Enter Playmarket’s Playwrights b4 25 competition and you could be next!

There are absolutely no restrictions on style or content, whether it’s a full-length monologue or an epic for a cast of thousands, a comedy, or a gritty urban tragedy, we’re interested in what you have to say. Write about anything you like, in any way you like, for any kind of audience you like.

The winning play will receive a cash prize of $1500, courtesy of Auckland Live.


Entries close 1 April 

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