A Paintbox of Clowns KidzStuff

Tararua Tramping Club, 4 Moncrieff St, Mt Victoria, Wellington

13/04/2024 - 20/04/2024

Production Details

Written By Dan Bain
Directed By Amalia Calder

KidzStuff Theatre For Children Incorporated

The original silent show for loud children.
Red is brave.
Blue is smart.
Green is hungry!
Join this mischievous, inquisitive and naughty trio as they go on a great adventure. Filled with slapstick, clowning and physical comedy, A Paintbox of Clowns will entertain and enchant all ages without the stars saying a single word. Red! Blue! Green!

When: 13th – 20th April 2024
Monday – Friday 10am & 11:30am
10am shows only on Saturdays
No shows on Sundays

Venue: Tararua Tramping Club
Tickets $14.50 pp, $50 family pass, Under 2’s free
$7 Special Preview, Saturday 13th April 2024
Bookings: www.kidzstufftheatre.co.nz

Riley Brophy, Matthias Goed, Nicole Maisey

Technical Manager: Amanda Joe
Front of House: Adam Koveskali
Graphic Design: Nina Kereama-Stevenson
Financial Manager: Fergus Aitken
Creative Director/Producer/Publicity/Costume/Set: Amalia Calder

Children’s , Theatre , Clown ,

45 mins

Entertains, inspires and brings smiles to all

Review by Deborah Rea with Luna Rama and Dev Rama 15th Apr 2024

At the Tararua Tramping Club, Kidzstuff Theatre presents A Paintbox of Clowns by Dan Bain, a show that brings laughter and joy to audiences of all ages. The performance features a group of lovable clowns, each with their own unique personalities and antics, under the direction of Amalia Calder.

The production blends humour and heart as the clowns embark on various adventures, with slapstick comedy and touching moments, and even some superb circus skills.

The cast of Riley Brophy (Green), Matthias Goed (Red) and Nicole Maisey (Blue) deliver energetic and engaging performances, drawing the audience into the world of the clowns.

A Paintbox of Clowns entertains, inspires and brings smiles to the faces of all who watch it. The kids are begging to go again.

Luna Rama (aged 7):

My favourite moments were when the Green clown kept going back into his house and when the Blue clown did the Hula Hoops, and the Red clown’s juggling was really cool too. The invisible slingshot was really cool.

I liked when they put the stethoscope on Green’s tummy and it said “feed me” and when they put it on his head we could hear crickets. Haahaha.I also liked everything.

Dev Rama (aged 5):

I liked the part where the clowns stood on the wrong coloured lights and it went HHrruumrrrrMMMHHMM! And then the Blue one stepped on blue and it went YAAAAAAAAH! Because she stepped on the right one. And the Green guy shut the door. Hahahaha! I also liked the part where he shooted the apple and he ate it for real life. I want to go to the show again.


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Impressive skills and a lesson for all coalitions

Review by Margaret Austin 14th Apr 2024

The play’s title, A Paintbox of Clowns, reminds me that I always wanted to run away with the circus. Such an abandonment of conventional, safe and polite activities and behaviour has always appealed.

When I get to the Tararua Tramping Club for the preview of this show, the three clowns who feature in it are already displaying the characteristics of their kind as they greet their audience members – their innocence and inquisitiveness are obvious, as is their delight in living for the moment. 

The show is promoted as being a silent show for noisy children – which should make it very popular for weary parents. And, indeed, not a word is spoken as Red Clown, the brave one (Matthias Goed), Blue Clown, the smart one (Nicole Maisey) and Green Clown, the hungry one (Riley Brophy) take the stage.

Music is the only sound we get as Clown Red and Clown Blue amaze us with some smart brave tricks. They’re a veritable showcase of mime and juggling. Clown Green – clearly the shy one of the trio – eventually joins in, and now the kids are persuaded to as well. A guessing game leads to responses from fire engines to dolphins. After a brief nap, our clown coalition comes to life again with more acrobatics, notably performed by aerialist Maisey and circus educated Goed.

Clown Green’s true nature now becomes apparent. He’s hungry, he’s spotted an apple in a distant place and he wants it. The group’s attempts to help him gain the object of his hunger are impressive, and surely a lesson for all coalitions about offering support to the weakest member.

A Paintbox of Clowns is written by Dan Bain and directed by Amalia Calder.

All kids – noisy or otherwise – will enjoy this show. And maybe it will encourage them to think about what colour clown they would like to be.


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