December 5, 2006

Finalists Announced in the 6th Annual NZ Comedy Awards

The NZ Comedy Guild is thrilled to announce the finalists for the only awards for live comedy in NZ.

These awards, now in their 6th year, are peer-voted by comedians and industry experts throughout the country, and supported by NZ business. They recognise those both on and off the stage, with awards for Best Male and Female Comedians, Best Newcomer, and Best Gag of the Year, as well as for Best Venue and Media Support.

The Winners will be announced at a black-tie Awards event on Sunday, December 17, 8pm at the Classic, sponsored by "First Scene" and "Kato" in association with the Classic and the NZ Comedy Guild. The event will be open to the public.

Other sponsors this year include: 95bFM, Heritage Hotels, Lush, Jansen Professional Audio & Lighting, Concrete Creative, Phantom Bill Stickers, citymix magazine, Borders, the NZ Listener, Penguin Books NZ, and the NZ International Comedy Festival.

And here are the Finalists:

"Borders" Best Newcomer Award: Jim Brown, Justin Lane, Paul the Soviet, Todd Stevens, Figjam.

"Phantom Bill Stickers" Best Show Concept: Michele A’Court – 40 Odd Years; Sam Wills – Boy With Tape On His Face; Cameron Blair – Medium; The Everymen; James Nokise – White Club.

"Concrete" Best Show: Sam Wills – Boy With Tape On His Face; Rhys Darby – Based on Actual Events; Michele A’Court – 40 Odd Years; Gags 4 da Masses – Benjamin Crellin; Wilson Dixon.

Best Comedy Venue: The Classic (Auckland), San Francisco Bathhouse (Wellington); Boathouse (Nelson).

Best Media Support: MoreFM; National Radio, TV3; C4.

Best International Guest: Charlie Pickering (Aust); Phil Nicol (Canada); Janey Godley (Scotland).

Best Industry Friend: Michele A’Court; Hilary Coe; Scott Blanks; Andre King.

"NZ Listener" Best Comedy Performance on NZ TV: Dai Henwood – Insert Video Here; Jason Hoyte – Moon TV; Jeremy Corbett – Downsize Me.

"Penguin Books" Most Improved Comedian: Ash Kilmartin; Jamie Bowen; TM Bishop.

Green Room: Josh Thomson, Dai Henwood, Tarun Mohanbhai, Jamie Bowen, Sam Wills, Grant Lobban.
"Jansen" Best MC: Dai Henwood, Jeremy Elwood, Andrew Clay, Andre King.

"Lush/Heritage Hotels/citymix" Best Male Comedian: Jeremy Elwood, Sam Wills, Brendhan Lovegrove, Dai Henwood.

"Lush/Heritage Hotels/citymix" Best Female Comedian: Michele A’Court, Jan Maree, TM Bishop, Penny Ashton, Ash Kilmartin.

"95bFM" Gag of the Year: Brendhan Lovegrove – Pedantic Bus Driver; Jeremy Elwood – Cigarette Warnings; Cori Gonzalez-Macuer – Abu Musad al Zarqawi.

The Kevin Smith Memorial Cup for Best Artist Achievement: Rhys Darby, Ben Hurley, Brendhan Lovegrove.

From the NZ Comedy Guild 5.12.06

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