February 20, 2007


EAT Wellington is an exciting new charitable organisation for new and emerging film and theatre practitioners in the Wellington region.

The purpose of this fund is to encourage the emerging talent to grow within the Wellington arts world by providing:

§      a production fund for emerging filmmakers

§      development and production funds for emerging theatre practitioners, and

§      access to resources.

By providing funds, discounted services and access to mentors and networking opportunities, EAT Wellington aims to nurture talent in the Wellington region in order to grow the individuals and companies to greater work in the future.

Emerging Artists is a broad term, applying to any group or individual who is not self funded and/or profit making. Therefore, anyone is welcome to apply. All applications are considered and the aim is to fund as many of the applications as possible, regardless of the profit made or the numbers attending.

The Trust was created in order to fulfil a gap in current arts funding, and to create access to resources that may be difficult or unknown to new and emerging artists in Wellington. Through the creation of the Trust, certain areas that are currently unfunded or lacking in financial backing altogether can be supported.

Mentors and networking opportunities will also be available to recipients of the trust to further support the artistic development of practitioners.

Launching March/April 2007.

For details contact:
Charlotte Larsen
Eat Wellington
www.eatwellington.org.nz [not yet live]
027 263 6634  

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