April 1, 2007

April 1 2007: 00:01 – Exclusive to theatreview!
Applications and feedback invited for exciting new initiative!

[NOTE: This was an April Fool’s gag and is left here a) for posterity and b) because, apart from the absurd criteria bit, it’s not a bad fantasy.]


New Zealand is set to challenge Ireland for the title of world’s smallest cultural superpower.

In an extraordinary feat of cross-party unity, a secret parliamentary taskforce has been working with the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, Creative New Zealand and the Inland Revenue Department to set up


  •  an Artists’ Exemption Pilot Scheme, and
  • a Production, Exhibition, Performance and/or Publication of Original Creative Art Works Incentive Pilot Scheme.

The major objectives of the schemes are to create incentives that enable:


  • qualifying creative artists to stay in New Zealand and work fulltime at their art forms
  • individuals and organisations to maximise awareness of, and engagement with, the artists’ works both in New Zealand and around the world.

A pilot scheme will be launched on 1 July 2007, involving the works of 50 artists (10 in each category listed below), who will be selected on a first-to-apply-and-qualify basis (email applications will be electronically date-stamped).

Meanwhile the Taskforce has asked Theatreview to facilitate comment, feedback and further creative thought on the initiative.

Who will be able to apply?

Creative Artists

Income earned by artists, writers, composers and sculptors from the sale of their works, or rights in their works, will be exempt from tax in New Zealand. Guidelines have been drawn up by Creative New Zealand, the Ministry for Culture and Heritage, and IRD for determining whether a work is an original, creative and distinctly New Zealand work, and whether it has, or is generally recognised as having, cultural or artistic merit. The IRD may, having regard to the Guidelines, consult with a person or body of persons which may help them in reaching decisions relating to Artists Exemption.

Determinations may be made in respect of artistic works in the following categories:


  • a book or other writing
  • a play
  • a musical composition
  • a painting or other like picture, and
  • a sculpture.

Claimants for Artists  Exemption must be resident, or ordinarily resident and domiciled, in New Zealand. To get a copy of the draft guidelines and an application form, simply email: aeps@ird.govt.nz  

Producers, Exhibitors, Performers and/or Publishers of Original Creative Art Works – and investors in such works

Any of the above who facilitate the wider dissemination of creative art works by qualifying creative artists may also apply for the tax exemption scheme. As above, guidelines have been drawn up by CNZ, MCH and IRD for determining which areas of income and expenditure may qualify for tax exemption. To get a copy of the draft guidelines and an application form, simply email: peppocaw@ird.govt.nz  

To discuss this further and offer your comments, feedback and creative input, click here.

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