May 8, 2007

Tedancari Dance Company – Workshop

Marta Bercy       posted 8 May 2007, 08:30 AM

“9th Workuba 2007” – Buenos Aires, Argentina International Intensive Afro-Cuban and Latin Dance Workshop   September 8 – September 22, 2007   Organized by: Tedancari (“Teatro Danza  la Caridad”)   Location: “Danzario-Americano” Cultural Center – Guardia Vieja 3559, Abasto neighbourhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Workuba brings together the various dances of the Americas that have their roots in traditional African rhythms and dance, and blends these influences with Modern and Contemporary Dance, which the Program considers to be the key elements of the “complete dancer”.   Workuba makes the difference! We offer you a unique opportunity to experience modern dance with a latin flavor in a workshop that has as its setting the exciting City of Buenos Aires.   In past Workuba workshops, we have had participants from the United States, Germany, Australia, Israel, France, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Sweden and Argentina.  Our team of instructors are professional dancers with a wide range of dance/choreography experience and artistic achievements.   Workshop Director:  Ms. Marta Bercy   Classes to be offered in the 9th Workuba Latin Dance Workshop: Modern Dance; Landó (Afro Peruvian dance); Samba Brasileira (Afro Brasilian); Afro Cuban (Cuba); Choreographic Composition; Creating Choreographies for Salsa; Acting for Dancers; and Techniques for the Application of Stage Make-up. 

Participation Requirements: -Minimum age: 15 years (limited space for participants)   Fees:  $120.   Tedancari Website:   Email:   Telephone Contact: (5411) 4583 -0095 /  155-384-7842

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