September 4, 2007

The UNSOLICITED ELECTRONIC MESSAGES ACT 2007 comes into effect on 5 September, as many of you will have been advised umpteen times.  

All people who receive email messages from Theatreview have registered as Audience Members and chosen how often they wish to receive update emails.  Each message carries this reminder: "You can unsubscribe from these notifications by going to the My Account page after signing in." Indeed you can alter any element of your account once you have signed in.

Therefore Theatreview is not joining the rush to email everyone about the legislation – an action which, ironically, is clogging inboxes as effectively as spam itself.  

Remain assured that the Membership list is confidential and not made available to others (although I do have to confess that one group of emails to some members about the xtra debacle was sent with email addresses visible, rather than hidden via the BCC field: my apologies for that – JS)  

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