November 28, 2007


Simon Vincent, 2007 Chapman Tripp Nominee for best Supporting Actor, has taken on a new role… as writer.

Creating the role of ‘Cassio’ in the 2007 Downstage production of Othello has prepared Simon Vincent well for his new role as writer of A Renaissance Man, to be produced by The Bacchanals at BATS in January.

Set in 1599 in England A Renaissance Man is a swashbuckling adventure-comedy inspired by the poetry of John Donne and in the style of Shakespeare in Love. Simon has always had a love for Shakespeare and first had the idea to write this piece when working with The Bacchanals on the 2006 production of Hamlet.

‘I love working on heightened texts and director David Lawrence and I wanted to come up with something that was home-grown, original, theatrical and that expresses the energy and vibrancy of the company’-Simon Vincent.

Several drafts down the track the company realised that in order to create the death- defying fights that the play required they would have to employ a Fight Choreographer and who better than Footballistic co-creator Allan Henry.

Rehearsals started last week and the show is set to burst on to the BATS stage to kick off 2008.

The cast includes Rachel More (who ends this year directing Revenge of the Amazons and the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards) along with Simon’s fellow-‘Chappies’ nominee Gavin Rutherford – which as yet has not caused any friction…!?

‘The Wellington theatre community is a pretty tight knit bunch and while we both want to win, as long as whoever does buys the drinks, I’ll be happy!-Simon Vincent   

A Renaissance Man
BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Tce, Wellington
10-19th January 2008, 7pm

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