January 7, 2008


In Auckland, director of The Classic, Scott Blanks, is calling for expressions of interest in the on-going use of the theatre space being vacated by Silo Theatre (see Silo Theatre is moving house). The deadline is January 18 2008, to be followed by a period of review for those applications that are shortlisted. An independent panel will review these applications and respond accordingly.

While theatre-goers approach the theatre from Lower Greys Avenue, the available spaces are the Basement and Lower Basement of 321 Queen St, which houses:
1st Floor (Queen St) 
The Classic Studio – 60 seat venue; The Classic Management Office; NZ International Comedy Festival Offices
Ground Floor (Queen St)
The Classic Venue – 140 seats
Basement (Greys Ave)
Silo Theatre Office, Rehearsal Room and Dressing Room
Lower Basement (Greys Ave)
Silo Theatre and Bar  

"I am looking for an individual or organisation that would like to programme the [lower basement] venue from June to December 2008," says Scott Blanks. "In the spirit of the many people who have helped establish the Silo as an independent voice on the fringe of the Auckland theatre establishment over the last 10 years, I intend to open up the opportunity for all interested parties to declare their own expression of interest in the future management and programming of the space."

As the landlord, he requests that all those interested respond to the questions set out below. The only criteria are that the programme is:

  • innovative
  • gives opportunities for a wide range of practitioners/companies and may be from a variety of backgrounds and performing arts approaches 
  • suitable for an intimate 100-seat black box venue

If you are interested, please send Scott Blanks (contact details below) the following

  • your full contact details
  • a written Expression of Interest (up to two pages MAXIMUM) that answers these questions:

Include details on you and/or your organisation, including:

1.   the key people that you imagine will be involved with brief biogs

2.   the background of the individuals and/or your organisation


What is the nature of your programme? Include your ideas about:

1.   the companies/individuals you will programme

2.   what sort of financial deal you imagine offering to the companies who are part of the programme (Shared Risk? Fee? Assisted Hire?)

What is your vision for the programme? What are you hoping to achieve artistically?

What resources do you intend to call on? What are your ideas to secure:

1.   funders

2.   sponsors

3.   audiences

Closing date: Friday 18 January 2008 
A shortlist of potential proposals will be selected to develop a more detailed business case, including a full budget, mission statement, marketing strategy etc. (so don’t do that now!). Those proposals that make it onto the short list will be informed by Friday 25 January 2008, and will have until Friday 15 February to complete a full, detailed application. 

Please return Expressions of Interest to PO Box 7705, Wellesley St, Auckland or scott@comedy.co.nz – for all inquiries.
Or contact: Scott Blanks @ TheClassic – Ph: (09) 3734321    

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